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“Hey all! Can’t wait for Friendsgiving  Fest next week! Please comment below with what you plan to bring so we can make sure all the sides are covered and avoid duplicates!”

Raise your hand if this has been your go-to meal coordination strategy for Friendsgivings past. Now keep them raised if this has somehow still resulted in at least three identical green bean casseroles because “my mom’s is the best!”—despite being the exact same recipe from the back of the soup can—or seven-odd variations on sweet potatoes because only four out of 25 friends followed the directive to comment on what they were bringing.

Right. All hands still raised? High-fives all around.

Here’s a new strategy with an irresistible angle: Time to take the Taurus by the horns, hit a bullseye with Sagittarius, tip the scales for Libra, and catch Pisces hook, line, and sinker. Don’t leave it to chance this year. Tell your friends exactly what they are destined to bring that plays to their cosmically-prescribed strengths, so you don’t end up eating leftover green bean casserole until the moon rises in Capricorn.

Aries: Turkey

Got an Aries bestie? Awesome. Have them over early in the day to assist with the big bird. The first sign in the zodiac calendar, your Aries friends are natural leaders who love challenges, so they will be just the fire sign you need to help you go-for-broke on an audacious deep fried preparation or even a Turducken.

Taurus: Wine

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Self-indulgent and pleasure-seeking, your Taurus friends are the least afraid to splurge. So if you’d rather populate your home bar with actual Champagne or other Thanksgiving-friendly wines such as a Cru Beaujolais or Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, rather than some basic bulk critter-labeled stuff, throw it to the bulls. When Taurus self-indulges at a potluck, everyone indulges.

Gemini: Sweet Potatoes

Ah, the sweet mystery of sweet potatoes: sweet or savory? Savory or sweet? This Friendsgiving, let the twins sort it out: The sign of duality deserves the starch of duality. Plus Geminis’ numerous interests and pursuits have shaped them into the kind of ambitious people who might just make both.

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Cancer: Appetizers

I admit, I don’t have any actual credentials as an astrological spirit advisor/menu planner, but I really like this idea because hopefully the obvious answer here is crab dip.

Leo: Cranberries

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Let’s be real. Your Leo friends are less interested in cooking than they are dressing up and being the life of the party, and what’s more they are excellent in doing just that. Let them bring something easy that doesn’t require any last minute plating or finishing touches so they can get right to circulating.

Virgo: Stuffing

Down-to-earth, detail-oriented, and ruled by the goddess of wheat and agriculture, count on your Virgo friends to absolutely nail it in the stuffing category. Like maybe with this kind of recipe. Or this one. Virgo is also the sign that rules the digestive system, so again I say: stuffing it is.

Libra: Green Salad

Libra’s calling cards are balance, symmetry, and harmony, so nobody is better suited to round out the inevitable carb-fest that is Friendsgiving than your Libra friends. Consequently, the calling cards for an excellent salad are balance, symmetry, and harmony—such as this beauty with snappy watercress, sweet membrillo, and savory almonds —so it’s a double-win.

Scorpio: Pumpkin Pie

make ahead pumpkin pie


The most enigmatic part of the Thanksgiving feast begs to be prepared by the most enigmatic sign in the zodiac. Scorpios aren’t afraid to play the long game, so I’d place bets this could translate to some home-made crust with an epic design. It would also be remiss not to mention that Scorpios in-life pursuits are routinely driven by…”dessert,” if you catch my meaning…

Sagittarius: Cheese Plate

Basically, you gotta give the archers in your life something to chase after. Sagittarians have a love of learning and storytelling, so put those gifts to work for you and watch how they not only assemble a veritable cornucopia of great cheeses, but keep everyone enrapt with tales of bloomy rinds, Gewurztraminer-washing, and cave-ageing techniques.

Capricorn: Mashed Potatoes

Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes


Is there anything more simple and yet more capable of delivering a nostalgic gut-punch than mashed potatoes? Second to the turkey, mashed potatoes are probably the item whose absence would be most likely to invalidate the whole Thanksgiving meal. So leave it to the Capricorns in your life—mythical sea goats who skillfully navigate both the physical and emotional realms.

Aquarius: Free Rein

Free-spirited, eccentric, and off-beat, Aquarians aren’t necessarily all that interested in conventional choices. So throw this one out to sea and see what Aquarius brings back. You might just end up with something cool or exotic but that completely complements the goings-on, like maybe a pumpkin curry, a Cajun maque choux, or chocolate, which now that you mention it seems entirely underrepresented in the Thanksgiving canon.

Pisces: Green Bean Casserole

Well, somebody has to, and as the most empathetic sign in the zodiac, capable of absorbing all of the pain of the other signs, Pisces deserves the honor. And as the most creative sign as well, it’s possible they might even be able to go beyond the can and reimagine the dish in a celestially superior way.

For more Friendsgiving inspiration, check out these recipes. And for more holiday tips, tricks, and hacks, see our Ultimate Guide to Friendsgiving.

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