The blissful sugar rush everyone is entitled to on Halloween doesn’t have to elude vegans. Tasty treats can be veganized for trick-or-treaters, parties, or just for munching on while watching a scary movie on Netflix. Marla Rose, the author of “Fun, Festive and Fabulous: Vegan Holidays for Everyone,” shares, “The joy of celebrating Halloween—or any other special occasion—isn’t diminished as a vegan, it’s only amplified. With just some simple swaps, it’s not only possible to create all the fun you remember from holidays past but easy and delicious.” 

Switch some basic ingredients

You’ll find that a lot of popular Halloween recipes are almost vegan. Rose suggests a simple swap like using vegan chocolate chips in a recipe that calls for traditional ones. The consistency and baking requirements for vegan chocolate chips should be the same as any other chocolate chips. Enjoy Life and Simple Truth Organic are just a couple of the companies that make vegan chocolate chips.

Get creative with fruit

tangerine pumpkins for healthy Halloween snacks

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“One healthy vegan option is to gently peel tangerines, leaving them whole, and place a tiny stick of celery in the middle so it looks like a cute little pumpkin!” suggests Jackie Day, author of “The Vegan Way,” a bestselling guide to going vegan. You may also try halving bananas, then sitting them with the curved side facing up. Place two raisins or chocolate chips on each banana to serve as “ghost eyes,” and you have a fruit ghost that is far from spooky.

Place green grapes in a small glass cup, carefully placing berries in place as the eyes and nose for a Frankenstein fruit cup. Alternately, put orange slices, cantaloupe, and blackberries in a cup for a festive fruit salad. Kids probably won’t even think about the fact that these snacks are healthier choices than candy at Halloween gatherings, and they’re equally fun to serve to adults at parties. There’s no age limit of cute fruit.

Try oat milk or other plant-based milks


Oat milk is one of the most beloved plant-based milks, and it can easily replace dairy milk in most recipes. Not only is that good for vegans, but it will also be appreciated by those who are lactose intolerant. Better yet, the non-vegans in your group probably won’t notice you made the substitution. Oat milk is delectable in a pumpkin spice latte or in any cookie or cake recipe that calls for milk. Other plant-based milks to consider include flax milk, hemp milk, almond milk, and walnut milk.

Stock up on stuff that’s already vegan

If you just want to find some Halloween candy that’s already vegan, it’s not that difficult. Jasmin Singer, author of “Always Too Much and Never Enough” and editor of VegNews, observed, “It’s not hard finding vegan Halloween candy. VegNews offers a comprehensive vegan Halloween candy guide for those who are curious.” Accidentally vegan candies include Red Vines, Amy’s Kitchen dark chocolate bars, Sjaak’s almond butter bites, Go Max Go candy bars, and Cracker Jack caramel-coated popcorn and peanuts.

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