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Like any medium for procrastination, there is an art to last-minute Halloween costume development and construction. We’ve all been there, frantically duct-taping beads to a white shirt in hopes that it’ll eventually look like something. Anything. If you’re there now, sweat dripping from your brow in need of some last-minute inspo, we say look no further than the fridge or pantry.

Food is fun, beloved, and universally understood. From dad-approved puns to iconic food brand mascots, cult classics and the downright cute; we reached all the way to the back of the fridge, behind that mysterious Chinese container and a half-empty bottle of Riesling to bring you the very best last-minute and DIY food costumes for Halloween 2019.

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Some foods that have just floated to the top of the heap when it comes to international fandom. You know them, you love them (too much, probably) and that’s exactly why they make great eye-roll and LOL-inducing getups.

Cult Food Costumes

Sriracha Bottle

Sriracha costume shirt


That Sriracha has earned cult status is an understatement. Bottled in California and beloved from coast to coast, this Thai-inspired bottle is ubiquitous. For less than $30 you can snag a Sriracha emblazoned t-shirt and clever green “cap” from Amazon.

Sriracha Shirt and Green Cap Set, $25-$30 on Amazon

Bonus: you can wear them all year round.
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I know what you’re thinking, our avocado obsession has gone too far. From puns to memes and cutesy patterns, it’s all gotten a little tired and Halloween is no exception UNLESS you’re one of two things…

Chrissy Teigen and you and your baby are just this damn cute in your matching avo-outfits.


You’re pregnant and turn the baby bump into the avocado seed. I mean, c’mon!

Avocado Shirt, $16.99 on Amazon

Make other avo lovers green with envy.
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kale shirt Halloween costume


And if all else fails. Just go as kale

Food Brand Mascots

Food mascots run the gamut from cheeky to sexy and downright upsetting (looking at you Domino’s Pizza Noid). These are some of our all-time favorites that everyone knows AND loves.

Chiquita Banana or Carmen Miranda

I don’t know all that much about Chiquita Banana and Carmen Miranda but I do know that they both wore fruit on their head and if they ended up on the same cycle of “Real Housewives” there would be major drama.

Find a fun flashy dress at the thrift store and achieve the signature headdress via Oh Happy Day.

Carmen Miranda Fruit and Flower Turban, $64.50 on Etsy

If you don't want to DIY, pay someone to DIFY.
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Jolly Green Giant

Jolly Green Giant costume


A DIY version of this is perfect for any tall guy (or girl!) and easy to do as long as you don’t mind being encased in green paint from head to toe for the entire weekend. Hit up Michaels or Amazon for some fake green leaves and then fire up the glue gun. You also have full consent to throw frozen peas at people all night.

36 Fake Green Leaves, $6.99 on Amazon

Break out your hot glue gun.
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Mr. Peanut

Planters Mr. Peanut costume


This is one to have fun with. All you need is a top hat, monocle, and cane and people will get the picture, so go ahead and give it your own spin. If you want that full Mr. Peanut effect, check out this shockingly on-point egg crate mattress construction!

Peanut Costume, $40 on Amazon

If you're fresh out of mattress foam...
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Top Hat with Attached Monocle, $19 on Amazon

Add your iconic accessories.
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Black Cane, $13 on Amazon

And don't forget to twirl your cane!
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Colonel Sanders

Did you know the Colonel was a real person and led a totally fascinating, if not brutish life? He was involved in a real-life shootout with a business rival, for instance, and once put a hex on a Japanese baseball team (as one does). So…with this you can bore people to death with endless facts as you dazzle in an iconic and fairly easy to assemble costume. Rubber chicken mandatory.

Southern Colonel Wig and Beard, $15 on Amazon

Tie and glasses not included.
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Rubber Chicken, $7 on Amazon

Everyone should own one.
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Dos Equis Guy

Speaking of exhausting, I know this one has been done, but all you need to freshen this overly-memed mascot up is to come up with some fresh taglines and you’ll be back in good graces. The rest is easy: pinstripe suit, Ernest Hemingway beard, and a 12-pack of Dos Equis, of course.

Fake Short Beard and Mustache, $16 on Amazon

The most interesting faux facial hair in the world.
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Morton’s Salt Girl

Not going to lie, this one could be totally fabulous if you pull it off like this girl did. Check out the costume components and prepare to slay. PLUS, if someone whips up a batch of margaritas, you’re absolutely prepared.

Purple Umbrella, $27 on Amazon

It'll keep you stylish and dry after Halloween is over too.
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Yellow Mary Jane Flats, $8-$20 on Amazon

Matching shoes are a nice touch.
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Morton's Salt (pack of 2), $7.99 on Amazon

Don't forget the most important part.
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The Oh-So-Cute Costumes

When it doubt, make it cute!



This grape costume is adorable and you’re obviously carrying a bottle of wine all night. Bonus points for soberly referring to the wine as “an urn of relatives no longer with us.” This one is easy to DIY with purple baloons or snag this one from Amazon for less than $40.

Purple Balloons, $4 on Amazon

Blow 'em up and you're halfway there.
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A Banana

Not to be out-cuted is this banana costume from blogger Studio DIY, who has a million and one sassy food costumes ideas to choose from.

Candy Necklace & Sweet tooth

This couples costume idea (also from Studio DIY) is pretty cute, too, not gonna lie.

Hot Glue Gun, $11 on Amazon

Have glue gun, will travel—and craft like mad.
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one salmon nigiri comin right up

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All you really need to make this work is a pillow, some colorful cloth, and a hot glue gun. After that, you can get all kinds of crazy creative.

Salmon Pillow, $10 on Amazon

Sure, this looks a little fishy, but in the best possible way.
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Professor Broccoli

I don’t totally know what’s going on here but I know I like it. Bonus points if your name is Rob. Broccoli Rob for the win.

Broccoli Beanie Hat, $10 on Amazon

Start a trend. Or turn heads, at least.
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Food Pun Costumes

The holy grail of food costumes. Nail it and you’ve won Halloween. Go too high-concept and prepare to spend your entire night making the same desperate plea to strangers as they stare blankly back.

Chip on Your Shoulder

chip on your shoulder costume

Party City

You could definitely make one, but for for just $5.99 you could also have this hilarious chip with strap delivered to your door. Chip on your shoulder is definitely a mood too, so be sure to pick fights and one-up people all evening to drive it home.

Cool Ranch

Step 1: Buy this t-shirt.

Step 2: Add a pair of simple black wayfarers.

Step 3: Be cool.

Oversize Black Sunglasses, $6 on Amazon

Deal with it.
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Deviled Egg

Ok, you’ve probably seen this one before but admit it, you giggle a little every time you do.

Egg Yolk Shirt, $18 on Amazon

Just add horns. And maybe a tail. And a pitchfork to really get the point across.
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Chicken Caesar

This one might be tricky to make completely at home (although not impossible). Start with this reasonably priced chicken suit and add a Roman toga (sheet) and gold leaf crown.

Chicken Costume, $35 on Amazon

Don't forget to perfect your chicken dance.
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Gold Laurel Leaf Crown, $7 on Amazon

Hail Caesar—and Halloween costumes that actually keep you warm.
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No matter what you decide to go as, have a delicious, fun, and happy Halloween. Eat way too much candy, scare a few small children, but whatever you do…don’t go as Salt Bae.

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Header image courtesy of Party City.

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