Everything was quite nutty on today’s show. And not just because I brought multiple nut-centric treats! Perhaps there’s something in the fall air, but we pivoted from talking about food to kegel exercises. Just another day on The Taylor Strecker Show.

Distractions aside, we sampled quite a bit of new and exciting products. Scroll down to check out our honest reactions. We were particularly critical this week, but always with our listeners in mind. It’s because we simply don’t want you making disappointing grocery decisions! You’re welcome.

Maranatha Almond Butter (Light and Dark Roasted)

You get a nut butter, and you get a nut butter! WE ALL GET NUT BUTTERS! Seriously. Maranatha expands its portfolio, yet again, with two new flavors: light and dark roasted, tailored around two completely different flavor profiles. I personally preferred the latter and its earthy bite, but Taylor enjoyed the runnier, lighter version because of its delicate sweetness. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this sandwich-friendly duo that would go great with…

Once Again Organic Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Watch your back, Nutella. There’s a chocolate hazelnut spread in Whole Foods town and it’s coming after your non-organic, basic self. While Once Again’s Amoré iteration may be runnier than its competitor, it has a brownie batter-esque consistency that makes it simply irresistible. My favorite way to eat this is directly out of the jar, in bed, with zero shame. Just let me live.

Setton Farms Pistachio Chewy Bites (Blueberry Coconut)

We applaud Setton Farms for entering the market with a pistachio-based bar, because let’s face it: typically expensive pistachios rank supreme when it comes to nuts. The flavor profile is also delicious, though we felt a slight aversion to the super chewy and sticky texture. Either way, pistachios = yummy, granola = boring and overdone. Take note, food manufacturers.

Chukar Chocolate-Covered Cherry Snacks

These were just okay. They’re the kind of things you find at the bottom of a Harry & David gift basket, but aren’t sure what to do with. Do you re-gift? Eat at your office desk and regret later? Share with your co-workers? Despite the company’s mission to incorporate cherries, they also produce honey pecans that are absolutely worth the splurge in calories and money. In fact, you can just have my appendix or any non-essential organ in exchange for a lifetime supply.

Kaukauna Cheese Ball (Port Wine)

It’s hard to mess up cheese, so it’s not surprising that we really enjoyed this festive ball. The cheese kind of tastes like cheese from a can, but we promise that absolutely isn’t a bad thing. If anything, the added sweetness from the port wine gave it a more dynamic depth of flavor. Those slivered almonds, though. Get rid of them. Please. They’re too much of a texture distraction.

NuttZo Bold BiteZ (Multiple Flavors)

We’re huge fans of NuttZo over here at Chowhound. In fact, their nut spreads made our Top 10 Friday Food Finds of 2017 list. That being said, these bars were a bit polarizing. While the taste and texture were certainly there (and we LOVED the crunch of chia seeds), it was a bit too dry for our liking. The Power Fuel + Collagen variety is absolutely a standout, though. No matter the desert-like mouthfeel, the flavor is superb.

Limation Limeade (Multiple Flavors)

If you’re going to drink something sugary, you have dozens of options. Limation Limeade may be one of them, but we have a few key takeaways to keep in mind before you indulge. 1. Passion fruit is the best flavor. I am dieting this week and finished my entire bottle. That says a lot. 2. These are more tart than your average lemonade, which will be a good or a bad thing depending on your sweetness preference. Make me pucker! 3. There is a slight wet dog smell when you open the bottle, but it goes away eventually. This can be attributed to the citrus in the lime. 4. We’d recommend them!

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