Trifle–known somewhat pejoratively in Italian cuisine as “zuppa inglese”–belongs squarely in the category of comfort food. Some of your best friends are trifle–like tiramisu. A trifle is basically a cake soaked in booze, layered with whatever fruit, custard, or other fillings you desire. It’s a great use for a delicious cake that broke in half when you unmolded it, and–like the humble casserole–it’s a versatile form within which to express one’s culinary creativity. Sherry, jam, Grand Marnier, vanilla-specked sweetened cream, farmers’ market strawberries, and lemon curd are all welcome (though not necessarily in the same trifle). Jell-O is viewed with extreme suspicion when used as a trifle layer. And leave out the bananas–their flavor is much too strong.

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