The lure of a free meal is hard for lots of us to resist, but what if you’re a skinny model with an excess of disposable income? As is reported by Reuters in the article “Restaurant Offers Skinny Models Free Meals,” one London restaurant is now offering gratis eats to the most waifish of models, in an apparent effort to combat anorexia in the fashion world. Apparently, models who visit Bumpkin, an English country-style eatery in Notting Hill, can claim their prize simply by showing a “modeling card” stating they’re a size zero.

Bumpkin is reportedly “popular with celebrities and fashionistas in the British capital” and hawks hearty fare like fish pies, lamb burgers, and seafood. The strange publicity stunt coincides with London Fashion Week.

Since two anorexic Latin American models died last year, the fashion community has finally started taking eating disorders and excessive thinness more seriously, banning the skinniest ladies from the catwalk during Madrid’s fashion week. But is Bumpkin’s offer another, funnier way of drawing attention to this issue? Or is it a cruel way of mocking people with real problems? I don’t know Bumpkin from bupkis or hang out with any size-zero models, but for some reason I doubt the restaurant will get many takers on its freebie deal.

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