Apples are nice in grilled cheddar sandwiches, briefly sauteed and layered in turkey sandwiches, and raw in chicken or tuna salad.

They can be sauteed with red cabbage and sweet onions; season with caraway if you like. Cook them with a root vegetable to add sweetness. Add them to pureed winter squash soups and to curries.

fmogul swears that an unorthodox guacamole including finely chopped crisp, tart apples–a technique learned from a Navajo family–is really good.

Cook chicken pieces with onions, apples, and cider (add a little cream if you want)–saucy and great over noodles, says alaughingdog. E.Kolliopoulos adds apples to the mix when making chicken liver pate.

Apples work well in rice pilafs and salads, says piccola. Cook a blend of brown and wild rice, mix with chopped apples tossed in lemon juice, toasted walnuts, celery, fresh herbs, and the dressing of your choice. Eat warm or cold.

piccola also uses bread dough or puff pastry to make flatbread topped with apple slices, some strong cheese (sharp cheddar, fontina, gongozola, etc.), and rosemary, and baked until golden and toasty.

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