The no-knead bread recipe has taken the food world by storm, but it’s taking a toll on the cookware. People are stealing knobs off display-model Dutch ovens to replace those that have been damaged.

Jim Lahey’s No-Knead Bread recipe (registration required) from The New York Times requires baking in a Dutch oven at high temperatures in order to get the crisp crust everyone is raving about. But woe the Le Creuset that may not be able to handle the heat: Their standard Phenolic knobs are safe only to 375°F.

As reported in Apartment Therapy: The Kitchen, stores like Bed Bath & Beyond may be noticing that their display models are missing handles these days as people snitch a freebie replacement.

Apparently, the handles can be replaced free by ordering them from Le Creuset—or, for $7.95, no-knead aficionados can order a stainless steel knob that will withstand the high temperatures.

Of course, this does bring into question the morals of those willing to take bread shortcuts in the first place. As one reader commented on the Apartment Therapy post, “As if this no-knead business wasn’t bad enough to begin with, now it’s turning people into petty thieves? For shame!” Another is calling for a wholesale repenting: “Abandon your fancy no-knead, no-fun nonsense and go get your hands dirty! Well, flour-y …”

At least the flour-y hands should cut down on the sticky fingers phenomenon …

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