Those of us who have been feverishly following Project Runway to its bitter, Jeffrey-filled end can’t help but notice how Bravo is promoting the hell out of Top Chef’s upcoming season. In fact, in order not to risk losing all the eyeballs that Tim Gunn and his stitching bitches bring in, Bravo intends to air Top Chef second season premiere episode right after Project Runway’s third season finale.

That’s just good TV-sense, but in another stroke of delicious synergy, The Powers That Be (TPTB) at Bravo commissioned second-season designer, Nick Verreos, to design an apron for Top Chef. Nick told the Bravo blogs, “I wanted to design a unique apron that wasn’t your mother’s old apron, so no silly sayings like ‘Blame the Cook,’ or cheesy food graphics like a turkey or fruit. I wanted it to be the hip apron. The design is understated and chic.”

The apron says “CHOP!” in big, black letters over colorful, stylized chef’s knives. It’s not immediately clear if the cheftestants themselves will be wearing the aprons, but the Verreos aprons will be available for purchase from Bravo’s online store on October 18th, the same day as the Top Chef premiere.

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