Before you toss the collection of loose tea that’s taking over your cupboard, try one of these suggestions for using it up:

Combine with some spices and dried fruit, add a tea ball infuser, and you have a nice little present.

Use for tea-smoked duck in the grill or smoker.

Brew them, and use in braising liquids, gravy, or sauces.

Combine them for a new tea blend.

Relax in the bath using green tea or herbals in the water. Wrap the tea in a piece of cheese cloth to avoid making a mess.

Green tea leaves absorb odors. Try some in the fridge.

Save them for iced tea instead of hot. Your least favorite might taste different and really good cold.

Brew some and add the leaves to potting soil.

Try a few leaves added to an incense burner. Green tea has a nice, light aroma.

Tea stained eggs are lovely. Hard boil, crack all over, and soak in a strong brew. Peeled, they’ll have a marbelized look.

Poach pears in a strong tea for the most flavor.

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