Summer may be winding down (whomp, whomp), but our spirits are up because the new food offerings just keep coming. We sampled a handful of unique selections with Naughty Gossip‘s Rob Shuter on today’s Taylor Strecker Show and there were a few standouts. Check out our extremely candid thoughts below and be ready to add these items to your next grocery list. Or better yet, just do what the millennials do and order them directly from Amazon.

Treeline Cashew Cheese

If there’s one thing vegans say they miss most, it’s cheese. Luckily for them, Treeline has introduced an exciting line of cashew-based vegan cheeses, both hard and soft, to fill the void of salty, creamy goodness. You now have something you can spread on crackers, mix into sauces, or serve with wine, all without the guilt of using animal products. If you’d like my Venmo information to thank me, I’m happy to provide it.

Mighty Spark Chicken Snack Sticks

I don’t care what Taylor and Rob think about chicken jerky (they prefer beef), these are awesome. In fact, with flavor profiles like cranberry-ginger and jalapeño-honey, they’re some of the most innovative on the market. Think of it as a grown-up Slim Jim, but without the douchiness.

RW Garcia Crackers

It’s clear that this company is gunning for Mary’s Gone crackers (the O.G. and, frankly, the best for seed-based dip vessels), but they’re doing things their own way by incorporating unique ingredients like beets, lentils, and sweet potatoes. The former is delicious, offering a pleasant sweetness to complement the corn. And if you’re on the market for corn flavors in general, the company also boasts an impressive line of corn-based chips that are addictive AF. I may or may not have housed half a bag of their chili cheese variety.

Marcoot Jersey Creamery Whey Ice

Moo-ve over, Edy’s. Who knew a byproduct of cheesemaking could lend itself to summer’s hottest frozen treat? One small container of Extreme Ice packs 20 grams of protein per serving, which is essentially what you’d find in a typical workout shake. Those looking for less whey taste and more fruity ice can check out their standard Whey Ice line, which is equally tasty, but less creamy.

Rebbl Elixirs

I may not be able to pronounce a lot of the superfoods used in this coconut milk-based line, but they are freakin’ delicious. The consistency of the smoothies is thick and luxurious, the flavor profile is balanced, and you get a lot of daily vitamins and nutrients. The only thing we flagged was the sugar content. Each bottle is a little over 20 grams, though generally derived from fruit. Just something to note if you’re watching your intake, otherwise these were some of our favorite drinks of the year.

Rowdy Prebiotic Bars

Whomp, whomp. These were a huge letdown. With hundreds of bars on the market that tout a bevy of health benefits, you’re better off spending your money elsewhere. While we appreciate the protein content (11 grams is great!) and prebiotic-heavy yacon root, the chocolate-based flavors were hard to chew and stuck to our teeth like cheap bubblegum. My poor jaw.

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