Nanotechnology, the creation of “machines” on a very, very small scale, like the size of a molecule, has ramifications for the foods you eat.

Michael Pollan must be spinning in his … office chair at the thought of some of the enhancements that scientists are coming up with for familiar foods An article titled “Future Foods: Friend or Foe?” on the BBC website quotes researchers who “promise to promote better eating by designing innovative products, such as milk that uses nanoparticles to make it taste just like cola.”

‘By adding these sensations, children will start drinking it who don’t like normal milk,’ he promises.

Other scientists are working on boosting the nutritional value of food ingredients, and on droplets that consist of fat on the outside and water on the inside for making products like mayonnaise lower in fat.

Some researchers are sounding the alarm on nanotech foods, noting that nano-sized chunks of stuff could penetrate human cells. Not surprisingly, the article also notes that foods made with nanoscience are already on sale in the U.S.

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