We’re not sure what’s in the food industry’s water, but companies are really hitting home runs with their latest snack and beverage offerings! Nearly everything we tried on today’s Taylor Strecker Show was delicious; a rarity, if we’re being completely honest. As a result, we’re going to have to get a bit nit-picky with our findings and give you the real tea. Without further ado, this week’s treats:

Sugarfina Cereal Bars (Marshmallow)

To start, the packaging of Sugarfina’s newest cereal line is simply gorgeous. These will make the perfect gift for any sugar-laden cereal lover in your life. While the bars are very, very rich (hellur, white chocolate), they have an awesome texture play with the crunchy cereal on top. Interested in trying them for yourself? Visit a Sugarfina store this Saturday, July 28, which the company has officially dubbed as “National Candy for Breakfast Day.” They’ll be handing out free samples and breakfast drinks from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Now this is a holiday we can get behind!

Whisps Cheese Crisps (Tomato Basil)

ALERT, ALERT. There is now a brand dedicated entirely to cheese crisps. We repeat: CHEESE CRISPS. These are not only low in carbs and high in protein, but effing delicious. Seriously. How can one mess up baked cheese intended to be eaten as crackers? The tomato basil flavor will remind you of pizza Combos (but in the best way possible), and we can’t wait to sample what else they have in store. Bring on the Lactaid, please.

Welch’s Superfruit Fruit Snacks

Your favorite lunchbox snack gets a tropical upgrade with Welch’s Superfruit collection. Craving a starfruit, kiwi, passionfruit, or acai berry? You’re in luck. While these certainly aren’t “healthy” with the presence of corn syrup and sugar, they’re only 70 calories/pouch, making them only a minor indulgence in a day full of stupid dieting. Treat yourself, girl. You deserve it.

Tender Belly Pork Jerky

We’re self-described jerky connoisseurs here at Chowhound, eating it daily from dozens of different brands. While Tender Belly’s pork variety tastes scrumptious and is unlike anything on the market, it’s a bit hard on the jaw and teeth. Some pieces require extra gnawing, as if it’s a dog’s chew toy and not a delectable snack. Worth trying yourself? Sure, but you may want to have your dentist’s number on standby.

MatchaBar Natural Matcha Energy Drink

This product will be polarizing to the general public, but a huge win for the matcha-loving community. The no-sugar monk fruit option is the way to go. It has a balanced sweetness and is jam-packed with caffeine and healthy antioxidants. We also appreciate the bubbles, which are a welcomed surprise with something as simple as tea. If you’re looking to kick that coffee habit to the curb, this could be an excellent alternative!

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