Summer is still going strong in the food world and we’re knee-deep in warm weather snacks, desserts, and bevs to combat the sun and enjoy the beach. On this week’s Taylor Strecker Show Chub Chub Chowdown segment, we sampled seven new products that may be worthy of a coveted spot on your weekly grocery list. Scroll down to check out our candid thoughts and let us know which ones you’re most excited about!

Bubba’s Fine Foods ‘Nana Chips and Snack Mix 

You’ll never guess you’re noshing on fruit! Utilizing baked green bananas to eliminate sugar but deliver on heavy crunch, this line of chips and snack mixes will absolutely revolutionize the paleo and vegan snack game. I’ve experienced this firsthand, seeing as I downed an entire bag when I got back to the office. #NoShame

Noosa Side-by-Side Flavors

Warning…these are extremely addictive. And because they’re practically dessert in yogurt form, you’ll need to monitor your morning intake. Good on Noosa for capitalizing on dual flavor trend by offering side-by-side delights like caramel and apple. Bad on Noosa for attempting to trick us with two nutritional labels (though you could just eat half and save the other side for later…but who are we kidding?). Keep this in mind as you dip from one container to the other. You’re eating two, not one serving of this sinfully creamy and delicious concoction.

Cheerios Oat Crunch Cinnamon

It’s hard to mess up a Cheerio. In fact, we don’t remember a time when General Mills released a disappointing flavor. Their Oat Crunch offering is good, but tastes nearly identical to Apple Cinnamon (which is, inarguably, one of the all-time greatest). So why the new offering? Texture, folks. If you love yourself an oat, you’ll be digging right into a bowl of these. They’re not as tasty as Miss Honey Bunches of Oats, but they’re a great first alternate.

Jelly Belly Candy Cones

Jelly Belly does an amazing job at imitating some of our favorite sugary flavors (Dr. Pepper jelly beans are the BEST). These Candy Cones are no exception, with the bottom halves tasting literally identical to waffle cones. But like all variety packs, you’re not going to love every flavor in the bunch. Mint is yum, orange is meh, vanilla is good, chocolate is fine, and strawberry is just plain gross. These will never replace actual scoops of ice cream, but they’re certainly fun to eat and should be a hit with the kids.

Summer Splash Skittles

Did we really need a Summer Splash Skittle collection? No. Were we going to try it anyway? Absolutely. I am disgusted by artificial banana and watermelon-flavored anything, so it’s no surprise that I spit the majority of this bag onto my plate. That being said, if it was the company’s goal to have consumers crave the *original* Skittles (because these suck in comparison), then congratulations…they’ve succeeded. Nothing will compare to tasting the more familiar rainbow. And you’ll never convince me that sour apple was a better replacement for lime (even though sour apple is amazing on its own).

Strongbow Cider

Well look what washed up on this side of the pond! U.K.-based Strongbow is back in the States and more delicious than ever. We love a good dry cider that isn’t super sweet and this can more than delivers. Scoop it up while supplies last. You never know just how much Trump will anger our biggest ally and cut off exports altogether.

A. Vogel Spicy Sea Salt

It’s hard to say something negative about salt. Salt is a gift from the gods, turning bland and unappetizing foods into culinary delicacies. We like that this brand has an extra kick with the addition of spices, herbs, and horseradish (!), but again, it’s difficult to mess up salt. You’d have to throw it on a dead mouse or something equally repulsive for us not to enjoy it.

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