When you’re perusing through a drink menu and see the words “glitter soda” as an ingredient of a fancy cocktail concoction in an underground bowling parlor in Atlanta…you pause! And ask your bartender—what in the world is this? And can I have a lot of it?

My obsession with edible glitter this summer started with visiting the above-mentioned bar called The Painted Duck. The drink they made me was an aperitivo and vodka base, storming with fine gold glitter. It was a sunset in a glass…orange and boozy. You couldn’t taste the glitter, nor was it gritty.

This drink had confidence—the kind a lady has when she’s wearing a pop of color she knows is working. It was just the perfect amount of oomph I know we could all use this summer.

So, there I am, dazzled and buzzed, ordering a decent amount of edible glitter off Amazon. I was going to make this summer sparkle and I am helping you do it too! Here are all my shimmering creations:

Amaze Ballz

Andy Leverett

This is one of the simplest glitter creations and it adds a pop of party to any drink. I used an ice-ball mold (fancy!) and added fine gold edible glitter and a lemon wedge in the mold with water. Freeze overnight and it’s ready. Add the ice ball to any drink and let the melting add sparkle. 

The glitter froze perfectly—just a little bit goes a long way. I put the ice-ball in some bourbon so the gold glitter would shine through. And shine-bright-like-a-diamond it did! This is a simple crowd-pleaser for any affair. Pro-tip: Consider adding glitter ice to mimosas for a sunrise sparkle effect.

Watermelon Pop-Star

Andy Leverett

Ladies and gentlemen, you will not want to eat watermelon any other way after trying this out.

I soaked watermelon slices in lemon juice and black salt (substitute rock/kosher salt), applied edible gold glitter to one side of the slice, and then froze them overnight. Voila! These watermelon pops are oh-so refreshing and taste just like a real pop—without the added sugars and preservatives. Watermelons are mostly made up of water, so they’re perfect for freezing. The glitter looks beautiful on this summery treat. I swear I could sell these from a popsicle stand. Pro-tip: Make it a boozy pop: Add two shots of tequila to the soak for a watermelon margarita pop!

Don’t Be Jelly Jam

Andy Leverett

I practically carry a cheeseboard and crackers in my bag at all times. You never know when you’ll need an emergency charcuterie.

For your next summer picnic, consider making a glitter raspberry preserve. It’s so simple and yet so fab! I mashed two cups of fresh raspberries (you can puree them too but I like little chunky pieces of fruit in mine) and boiled the mixture with one tablespoon of sugar and half a lemon’s worth of lemon juice. I let the preserve cool and then folded in gold edible glitter before putting it in a jar.

I found that folding the glitter in at the end was better than cooking it in the pot with the preserves because I didn’t want the glitter to dissolve from the heat. Spread on a cracker over a picnic blanket; this very berry jam looks velvety and lux. Pro-tip: Use your glitter jam on baked brie for an elevated cheese platter.

Cool-cumber Cups

Andy Leverett

No glass allowed at the pool? No problem! These cucumber shot glasses are sure to be a pool-party fav. I gutted shot glass sized pieces of cucumber and gave them a salt and glitter rim!

Add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice in the glasses and pour a shot of your favorite hard alcohol (I chose a reposado tequila). Let the shots sit for a few minutes—I discovered that the alcohol takes on the cucumber flavor—and then throw ’em back! 

Taking the shot with a glitter rim did give me glitter lips—which is an extra bonus. Snack away at the glasses when you’re done! Pro-tip: Let your guests build their own glasses. A “build-your-own-shot” display can be awesome. Line up a variety of different alcohols, salt, sugar, different colored edible glitters, cucumbers, and spoons for gutting.

On-n-poppin’ Popcorn

Andy Leverett

Some summer days are meant for simply kicking back and watching “The Office” for the billionth time. Ain’t nothing wrong with that. But you can still keep the sunshine alive—in your bowl of popcorn! 

I made a bowl of my favorite butter popcorn and then, on a baking sheet, tossed them in a blend of Indian spices: salt, paprika. and chat masala (found at Indian grocery stores but lemon pepper spice mix is a great alternative). Lastly, the crowning jewel… gold edible glitter. Toss the popcorn gently and serve in a big bowl. This allows you to take any drab popcorn and turn it into glam-pop in no time. This medley is not only intensely flavorful (with a spicy, lemony kick) but would make a great addition to a movie night with your best buds. Pro-tip: Mix it up, mix it down! There are endless ways to spice up popcorn. Drizzle caramel and chocolate sauce with sea salt for a bowl of dessert popcorn. Of course, don’t forget the glitter.  

Header image courtesy of Andy Leverett.

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