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Doughnuts are one of the ultimate morning treats; cocktails one of the best evening rewards (or weekend brunch accompaniments). Why not combine both of these beautiful ideas? Introducing: boozy doughnuts, inspired by traditional libations such as the mojito or gin and tonic and baked into everyone’s favorite breakfast treat!

From baked margarita doughnuts to Moscow Mule doughnut holes, these recipes incorporate the liquors commonly found in the everyday cabinet and combine them with sweet glazed doughnut. To bring the cocktail inspiration home, fresh herbs, fruit, and even bacon are showcased in these confections. Read on for more ideas on how to bring the bar into your baker’s dozen!

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Blueberry Mojito Doughnuts

Topped with a mint and lime glaze, these doughnuts are reminiscent of a cool and fruity mojito cocktail, enjoyed best beachside (or straight off the cooling rack!). Seasonal blueberries and fresh mint are blended until smooth, folded into the delicate cake batter, and dipped in tequila-spiked glaze after baking. Get the Blueberry Mojito Doughnuts recipe.

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Baked Guava Mimosa Donuts

Guava adds an extra layer of intrigue to these baked doughnuts, and the glaze is inspired by everyone’s favorite brunch drink, the mimosa. Yes, that means the glaze is made with Champagne (and guava marmalade)! Get the Baked Guava Mimosa Donuts recipe.

Baked Piña Colada Donuts

If you like piña coladas, getting caught in the rain, and doughnuts, this treat is for you. Coconut milk is the secret ingredient to this doughnut, adding velvety texture and tropical flavor. Crushed pineapple brings a bright and fruity balance to the creamy coconut as well. Once the doughnut is baked and cooled, decadent buttercream, coconut flakes, and a cherry on top are added for good measure. Get the Baked Piña Colada Donuts recipe.

Baked Margarita Donuts

This doughnut light doubles down on the tequila, with some in both the cake and the glaze—along with bright lime juice and zest for a margarita-inspired treat. Get the Baked Margarita Donuts recipe.

Gin and Tonic Cronuts

Making a cronut requires way more skill than pouring a simple gin and tonic, but this decadent dessert is totally worth the trouble. The impressive flaky doughnut is made from scratch, deep-fried, and then decorated and filled with with gin and lime-infused cream. The glaze and cream filling create a tart and tangy contrast against the sweet dough, perfect for pairing alongside a classic G&T. Get the Gin and Tonic Cronuts recipe.

Bourbon Bacon Doughnuts

Bourbon, bacon, and doughnuts are a match made in heaven with this one, inspired by the official liquor of Kentucky. Bourbon is mixed into the glaze and topped with salty, fatty bacon pieces for even more decadence. Get the Bourbon Bacon Doughnuts recipe.

Moscow Mule Doughnut Holes

The classic Moscow Mule is defined by punchy ginger beer, fresh lime, and vodka—so are these doughnut holes! The sweet batter is flavored with freshly grated ginger and lime zest for a tart note and complemented with a gin-infused glaze to coat. Get the Moscow Mule Doughnut Holes recipe.

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