Let’s say you’ve planned the perfect Father’s Day meal. You’ve grilled all his favorite foods for dinner and bought him the whiskey of his dreams to have with it. There’s only one not-so-minor detail you haven’t yet figured out –dessert. You could go with a Fudgie the Whale ice cream cake or a classic strawberry shortcake. But maybe you want something just a little bit different this year.

If your dad is anything like ours, he’s probably got a mustache that rivals Alex Trebek. Why not use the last course of your meal to honor his stylish, walrus-like facial hair? Whether it’s cookies, cake, or chocolate, theres no sweet that can’t be converted into dad’s famous whiskers. We’ve scoured the internet to find some of the best recipes and products to inspire you. Check out them out below.

Chocolate Mustache Pops

Sugar Hero

These adorable chocolate mustaches can be worn by the whole family. They’re also highly customizable and can be decorated with a variety of sprinkles and toppings. If only we could don M&M’s on our face in real life! Get the recipe here. It also includes a downloadable template with every mustache variation under the sun, so you can try them all on. The swirly handlebar may be the sweetest of them all.

Mustache Cookies

Rosanna Pansino

These sugar cookies are relatively easy to make. In terms of design, a mustache cookie cutter does most of the heavy lifting. Be careful to pipe the icing to get the perfect wavy texture though. Or go wild with your own patterns. Get the recipe.

Mustache Cake

Everyday Home Cook

It’s actually really easy to cut a cake into the shape of a mustache. Simply bake a cake in a round tin and slice an s-shaped curve down the middle. Then put the two pieces side-by-side. It’s a nifty shortcut that will impress all your friends, and maybe even dad himself. If you’re feeling extra fancy, pipe individual tufts of frosting to get a super-detailed texture. It’ll look almost as bushy as the real thing. Get the recipe and detailed cutting instructions here.

Mustache Cupcakes

A Spoonful of Sugar

Maybe you just don’t have time for intricate frosting techniques. Cheat a little by making dad’s favorite cupcakes and then top them off with some paper mustache cut-outs. We swear he won’t mind. After all, it’s the thought that counts. Get the recipe.

Mustache Ice Cubes


Use this nifty ice cube tray to mold your favorite frozen desserts into an assortment of facial hair masterpieces. Fu Manchu sorbet or Yosemite Sam ice cream is the perfect way to bring dad’s big day to close. Or just add a handlebar-shaped ice cube to his favorite cocktail for some extra flair.

Mustache Coffee Mugs


You can’t have cake without coffee. And you can’t have coffee without mustached coffee cups! Get some mugs that go with the theme to complete your meal. Bonus points if you can sculpt a mustache pattern into the latte foam.

Header image courtesy of Rosanna Pansino.

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