frozen blueberry popsicles (frozen treats safe for your dog)
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While every season holds different charms for dog owners (even brutal winter walks give way to magic moments with doggos frolicking in the snow!), there’s nothing quite like lazy summer days with your furry friend. It’s the season of restaurant patios, front stoop sittin’, and beach outings, all rife with opportunities to bring along your buddy (sun’s out, tongues out). And while you can totally pony up a few bucks for those fancy pet treats at your favorite cupcake shop, or blow away your Starbucks budget with too many Puppuccino trips (they’re free, but you need a treat, too!), there are plenty of frozen concoctions that you can make at home for both you and your pup to enjoy!

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Using many of the same healthy ingredients you might have in your morning smoothie, like bananas, blueberries, and yogurt, (and maybe a cutesy contraption, too) you can make some of these delicious frozen dogs treats for your beloved pet this summer.

Frozen Blueberries

If you’re a Lucille Bluth of sorts, in that the only dish you’d deign to make is a drink, the easiest treat to share with your dog would be frozen blueberries.

Step 1: Freeze some blueberries

Step 2: You’re done

Blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries are all safe ingredients for your dog to have in moderation, according to Naturipe Farms. In similar moderation, you might want to sip some adult beverages, chilled with frozen berries. Give a couple of these frozen fruits to your pupper for a cool summertime crunch, and toss a few into some grapefruit mimosas for you and your human friends. The pet-safe frozen berries will keep your drinks cold without watering them down!

Frozen Pumpkin Cubes

Requiring only a little bit more work than frozen blueberries, pumpkin cube dog treats are nearly as simple. All you have to do is pack ice cube trays with canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie mix!), freeze, and give a few to your doggie for a cool, crunchy treat that also helps with their digestion.

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“What’s in it for me?” you ask—and the answer is that these pumpkin cubes are a key component of this vegan pumpkin ice cream. Frozen pumpkin cubes, frozen herbal tea cubes, and frozen coconut milk cubes are all blended together in a Vitamix to make an ice cream flavor that rivals those at the trendy gelato shops you hate to love (Lavender? Goat cheese? Shoot, they’re actually really good!).

Frozen Banana Bites

This next recipe is straight-up made for both dogs and people, no adjustments necessary for either species. To make these frozen banana dog treats, all you have to do is coat banana slices in melted (unsweetened!) peanut butter and sprinkle with a dog-safe topping like shredded coconut or oatmeal. Arrange on a tray, put in the freezer, and enjoy several hours later! These chilly treats are perfect for a lazy afternoon on the deck—just bring out a plate of the banana dog bites for the ideal “one for you, one for me” snack to share with your doggie pal.

Frozen Strawberry and Banana Smoothie Dog Treats

You know it’s strawberry season when these fruits are looking so bright red and juicy at the grocery store, and they’re on sale to boot! Fresh fruit and warm weather just beg for cold, vitamin-packed smoothies, and with this recipe for frozen strawberry and banana smoothie dog treats, your pup can join in on the summertime smoothie vibes. Bananas, strawberries, yogurt, and honey (go for Greek yogurt and skip the skim milk if you’re not sure how well your dog tolerates lactose) are blended and frozen into smoothie bites for your pup.

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As you might have noticed, you’re also just making a regular smoothie when you’re blending these ingredients together. So, mix-and-match dog-safe fruits, and either pour yourself a glass prior to the freezing process, or make plenty of frozen smoothie cubes/shapes for re-blending later. This way, you have your smoothie ingredients frozen and ready-to-go for a quick blend in the morning, and you can toss a cube or two over to your dog, as well.

There are endless combos of dog-safe people foods to blend, stick together with peanut butter, or add to a Kong, and ultimately freeze. Do your own research, ask your vet if you’re not sure, and then share some healthy frozen treats with your always-loving, never-judgemental best buddy!

Ice Cream (Store Bought)


It’s well-documented that dogs love ice cream. If you’re not the make-at-home type, Puppy Scoops a line of dog-friendly ice cream with flavors like peanut butter, maple bacon, and carob (not chocolate) and available to purchase online.

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