If you’re seeking cuisine featuring grass-fed meat, organic produce, and sustainable fish and poultry, Gregoire is the best deal in town, says Morton the Mousse. Gregoire makes delicious food from organic ingredients at a very reasonable price–around $25 per person for dinner.

Australian lamb chops, served with garlic and herb vinaigrette, are incredible–very fresh, with a clean flavor, and none of the gamy qualities associated with less-than-perfect meat. Order them rare and hey, they actually cook them rare. Moroccan-style braised short ribs are perfect comfort food; falling-off-the-bone tender meat with enough substance to make for an enjoyable chew. The meat used is very high-quality grass-fed beef from Montana, and you won’t find many cuts with such a well-balanced flavor profile.

Finally, don’t miss the potatoes that Gregoire does so well, and check out the banana bread pudding for dessert.

Gregoire [Piedmont]
4001 B Piedmont Ave, at 40th St., Oakland

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