best kitchen gadget gifts for Father's Day
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We’ve all struggled with standing in a checkout line around Father’s Day (or dithering over an online shopping cart, as the case may be), contemplating a set of whiskey stones or Himalayan shot glasses and wondering if dad will truly appreciate yet one more novelty gift—or hold it against us in his future will. Shopping for pops can make Mother’s Day seem like a breeze, but if you’re finding yourself eternally stuck, might we suggest the always delightful route of an unusual kitchen gadget? We’ve scoured the net for the best and most unusual kitchen gear, which—should any of it end up in dad’s possession—will transform him from Chef Boyardee to Chef Boulud in no time.

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For the Wine Snob: Pocket Wine Aerator, $19.95 from Amazon

Epare pocket wine aerator


If dad considers himself a certified sommelier, he’ll enjoy this pocket wine aerator from Eparé, which can aerate a glass to its maximum potential in just 15 seconds—no fancy snake-shaped decanter necessary (though if you want to throw in a wine subscription gift, we’re sure he’ll be even happier).Buy Now

For the Guy Who Likes Melty Treats without a Mess: Boska Toastabags, 9 for $32 from Food52

Toastabags toaster sandwich bags


These nifty little bags let dad make a grilled cheese, toasted PB&J, or tuna melt without having to dirty a pan (or the toaster)—and each one can be reused up to 50 times. If anyone in the family has allergies, these also protect from cross-contamination with wheat crumbs or traces of peanut butter.Buy Now

For the Guy Who Refuses to Order Dominos: Ooni Karu Portable Charcoal & Wood-Fired Pizza Oven, $263.96 from Sur La Table

Ooni portable wood fired pizza oven

Sur La Table

Admittedly, we’re not sure how a pizza oven that fires up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit and can cook a pie in just 60 seconds can even be legal to buy and ship online, but we’re certainly not going to be the ones to call the cops here. The Ooni Karu can be fueled with charcoal or wood (or gas, though that requires an additional attachment), which means dad won’t even have to find an outlet to slurp down a slice. At over $250, yes, it’s expensive, but if you can afford a splurge, it’s absolutely worth it.Buy Now 

For Mr. Butterfingers: Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker, $14.95 from Sur La Table

Joseph Joseph Garlic Rocker

Sur La Table

Whether taking a knife skills class is in his best interest or not, dad will appreciate this handy garlic chopping tool, which quickly minces up the vampire killer with less effort than it takes to squeeze some garlic presses (great for dads who would never admit they’re not as strong as they used to be). And there’s no chance of nicking a finger.Buy Now

For the Brunch Buff: Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker, $39.99 from Amazon

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach

Imagine a morning at dad’s place, sipping coffee and frying up the ultimate hangover breakfast sandwich with this baby. It even has a timer to let you know when your breakfast creation has been cooked to peak perfection. Face it: This is basically a gift for you, too. (If dad isn’t into frills—or sharing—you can also get a single breakfast sandwich maker without a timer.)Buy Now

For the Bespoke Bartender: Diamond Ice Cube Molds, 2 for $14.95 from Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma Diamond Ice Cube Molds

Williams Sonoma

Any master mixologist probably already has a set that can make ice spheres or clear ice, but big diamond-shaped ice cubes to class up his glass? Yeah, that’ll be a precious addition to dad’s bar game. A real gem of a gift.Buy Now

For the Man Who (Correctly) Thinks Blue Cheese Belongs in a Cocktail: Olive Stuffer, $11.25 from Amazon

unusual fun kitchen gifts for Father's Day


It’s perhaps the cheapest thrill here, but will pack a lot of impact in dad’s cocktail game. After all, what really is better than a blue cheese-stuffed olive in an ice-cold martini? Absolutely nothing, which is why we bet he’ll get fascinated by this olive stuffer pretty quickly.Buy Now

For the Urban Dad: Progressive Microwave S’mores Kit, $12.21 from Walmart

microwave s'mores maker


Who needs a campfire when you can microwave your own s’more? We’ll admit—we were skeptical of those Amazon reviews, until we tried it out ourselves in a tiny NYC apartment microwave. When it comes to those gooey, delicious treats, this is the real deal, folks.Buy Now

For the BBQ Enthusiast: Architec Concave Beech Wood Cutting Board, $47.99 from Wayfair

Architec concave cutting board for meat juice


It may look like your average, run-of-the-mill cutting board, but aside from non-slip gripper feet that keep it perfectly in place, this Architec board has a concave shape that locks in all the juices from your roasted or grilled meat to maximize flavor. Also available on Amazon.Buy Now

For the Guy Who Will Smoke Anything: The Smoking Gun by Breville, $99.95 from Sur La Table

Breville smoking gun

Sur La Table

Load some wood chips, herbs, or spices into this tool’s burn chamber and watch dad’s face as it smokes up—with a magic-like effect—to add that smoky flavor to cheese, cocktails, or even a day-old pulled pork sandwich. (If you think dad will be deterred by having to rig his own closed container every time he wants to smoke, consider the smoking box and handheld smoker set shown at the top of this page.)Buy Now

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