Last week on social media, IHOP teased that they were changing their name to IHOb, but the company wouldn’t announce what the “b” would stand for. Most Twitter users, including yours truly, assumed they would rebrand as the International House of Breakfast, and we all begrudgingly moved on with our lives. But oh man, it turns out we were way off!

The beloved pancake temple officially announced today that the “b” actually stands for burgers! HUH? Who goes to that blue-roofed breakfast haven for a burger? Isn’t that what every fast casual dining chain this side of Olive Garden is for?

While the restaurant does acknowledge this is only a temporary stunt, meant as a marketing push for their new burger line, they are going all out with the campaign. Beyond the new logo on their social media feeds, they’ve also propped up new signs outside several locations.

In an interview with USA Today, Chief Marketing Officer Brad Haley had this to say, “The whole goal of this effort was to convince people that we were just as serious about our burgers as we are about our pancakes. Consequently, we needed to make a bold signal to disrupt people’s thinking about IHOP and make it IHOb.”

While this certainly draws attention to their expanded menu, it’s also incredibly ridiculous. After all, IHOP has existed for 60 years on the strength of its iconic breakfast offerings. How can boring old burgers possibly compete with something as amazing as the Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity pancake platter? It just seems a fools errand to draw attention to something so out of their wheelhouse. Maybe the “b” will end up standing for “backlash?” Because that seems like the likeliest outcome of all.

Header image courtesy of IHOP.

Jessica is a former Associate Editor at Chowhound. Follow her on Twitter @volume_knob for updates on snacks and cats.
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