Based on the box office totals alone, everyone’s obsessed with “Avengers: Infinity War.” (If you’re one of five people who haven’t seen it, don’t worry, we’ll try not to spoil it for you.) So naturally, these amazing Infinity Gauntlet cups are taking over Disneyland.

For only $20, you too can possess a cup that would be the pride of Thanos. The mug literally fits around your arm and can be filled with an infinite amount of soda (or booze, if you’re feeling sneaky), so you can sip like a super villain. It’s being sold at beverage stands throughout the Disney’s Hollywood Land park and the lines are said to be insane, especially at the souvenir stop outside Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission BREAKOUT attraction.

If you’d rather spend half an hour standing around, waiting to buy an over-sized, novelty drinking vessel instead of going on rollercoasters, we won’t judge! The appeal of a wearable, adult sippy cup is quite alluring. And how you spend your time is up to you!

In case you can’t make it to California, you should have a back-up plan. How else are you going to get your hand on all those precious stones? Here are your options in the meantime.

You could just wait for them to show up on eBay, where they’re currently sold out. Though they were going for about a hundred bucks when they were available.


Or if coffee is more your speed, you can get this ceramic mug on Amazon. After all, copious amounts of caffeine are required for taking over the universe. The steep price of $179.99 is totally worth it for world domination.

But if you can’t afford that, just stick to making Avengers-themed sugar cookies, where unlike Thanos, you can make them ALL disappear in no time at all.

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