We’ll take any excuse to ring in our weekends with snacks on top of snacks, which is why our Friday Food Finds series is oh-so-special. We sat down with Taylor Strecker and the gang to sample the latest in grocery and specialty food offerings for her live radio show, The Taylor Strecker Show. Here are our candid opinions for the week. Don’t trust us? Buy them yourselves and let us know what you think in the comment section.

Little Bird Kitchen Fire Bites (Dark Chocolate)

Sweet and spicy are words I use to describe myself, but they can also be applied to these adorably-packaged snacks. The jalapeño offers a light burn that you don’t really taste until five seconds after chewing, but it’s a welcomed departure from boring chocolate (Yes, I said it. Chocolate can be boring). Overall, these are just okay. We much prefer their hot and sweet nuts, but in limited quantities: The sugar content is through the roof!

Tostitos Salsa Verde Chips and Tostitos Sweet Mango Salsa

These chips may not be green (get with it, Tostitos marketing department), but they taste absolutely delicious! The salsa: No. Just no. In fact, we despised it so much that it doesn’t even warrant a photo on this week’s round-up. Your tastebuds do not deserve the torture of jarred candied tomatoes with an unidentifiable fruit, so you’re welcome for saving you the money you may have spent on such a culinary atrocity.

DNX Grass Fed Meat Bars (Sweet Potato Pecan)

The meat bar trend isn’t anything novel, but it sure is polarizing. While Taylor and guest host Sean were one gag away from actually vomiting, I was in my own world savoring every bite. It’s certainly the texture that freaks most people out, but I found these to be better than overhyped (and super greasy) Epic bars; the flavors and ingredients are more interesting and I actually enjoy the dog food-like texture. Just call me Clifford the Big Red Protein-Loving Dog.

Blue Diamond Crafted Gourmet Almonds (Black Truffle)

These are dangerous. Deliciously dangerous. Keep these far, far away because we could probably house an entire bag in one sitting. And while that may be a treat for the palate, it’s certainly not a treat for our summer body waistline. (P.S. You could probably put truffle on a piece of mulch and we’d still enjoy it.)

Nurturme Ancient Grain Cookies (Cocoa and Honey)

These may be marketed towards children, but adults can get in on the fun too. Cocoa is definitely better than honey and they remind us of upgraded animal crackers. Are these stomach-friendly cookies the best you’re ever going to eat? No. Will you feel better about feeding something healthier to your kids? Probably. Will you most likely finish an entire box in one sitting? Absolutely.

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