The Mountain View farmers’ market has a lot going for it–great prices, huge selection, good hours. And now, they’ve got a real butcher’s stand, selling all sorts of pig products, says thejulia. Country pate is incredible–very garlicky but still clean-tasting, and totally addictive. “I started eating it without the bread,” says thejulia.

zartemis is familiar with the butcher’s work, and likes what he did with the two pasture-raised pigs she bought from TLC Ranch. She particularly recommends the rilettes he makes from TLC chickens.

TLC Ranch and Severino’s Community Butcher
at the Mountain View Farmers’ Market [Peninsula]
600 West Evelyn, between Hope and View Streets, Mountain View

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Severino’s Community Butcher-SERIOUSLY GOOD- Mt View Farmer’s Mkt.

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