Elon Musk is starting a candy company. We can see you rolling your eyes at this prospect already, but he’s actually “super serious” about it. At least according to his latest Twitter tirade. And you don’t get more serious than social media rants.

Musk also tweeted out the phrase “cryptocandy” without any context whatsoever. At this point it’s basically just an episode of “Black Mirror” waiting to happen.

While there’s no telling what the eccentric tech billionaire has in store for the culinary world, we can’t help but speculate at what marvels or horrors this aspiring Willy Wonka could bring forth. Will there be chocolate made from space rocks? Or sugar crystals cooked in hyper loops? We can’t even fathom what futuristic candy looks or tastes like, but it’s got to be better than what’s on convenience store shelves now, right? Let’s give Sweet Tarts and Pixie Sticks the tech-savvy upgrade they deserve.

Whether or not any of this candy business comes to fruition, you’ve got to admit, Musk would look pretty sweet in a velvety purple overcoat, while handing out golden tickets. But then again, who wouldn’t?

And speaking of Willy Wonka, it seems like Elon Musk just had an epiphany that most of us reach at middle school slumber parties.

It just occurred to me that the plot of Willy Wonka is really messed up

Really? You didn’t realize that a manipulative titan of industry with highly questionable labor practices and a penchant for killing off greedy children in streams of chocolate is “really messed up?” I guess this is what happens when you’re too busy shooting cars into space from the comfort of your own private island.

Header image courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

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