all pink Starburst

You may think millennial pink is so last year, but the candy-sweet shade has serious staying power. Case in point: pink Kit Kats, which just debuted earlier this year (though we can’t get them in the US quite yet). And now, limited-edition all-pink packs of Starburst are back, with a line of pink Starburst merchandise to match!

Created in collaboration with Project Runway Season 15 winner Erin Robertson, the product line lets you literally wear your love for the candy—and for yourself—on your sleeve. You see, this is actually more about a meme than a specific color; it just so happens that the popular self-love slogan posits that pink Starbursts are the best flavor:

In the words of Starburst’s Senior Associate Brand Manager Audrey Arbeeny, “To be referred to as a pink Starburst is something special, and we continue to see people share the ‘I am a pink Starburst’ meme. We wanted to bring that reference to life offline for our fans.”

Thus, the limited-edition merchandise collection with the pink Starburst theme. So you can either assert your own self-worth or give your most fantastic friend a gift that proclaims to the rest of the world how great they are.

Your options include this pop-art pink Starburst denim jacket ($140):

pink Starburst denim jacket


This matching “Sweet Tooth” t-shirt ($25):

pink Starburst t-shirt


This more low-key tee ($25):

pink Starburst shirt


This soft “Humble Brag” sweatshirt ($45):

pink Starburst sweatshirt


Or this more subtle (and affordable) scarf ($20):

pink Starburst scarf


If you’d rather decorate your walls than sport Starburst threads—or if you worry they’ll clash with your Stove Top stuffing pants and Pizza Hut shoes—splurge on this bright pink neon sign ($650) instead:

pink Starburst neon sign


Then again, if you prefer to eat your candy rather than wear it, or just don’t have the budget for anything else, you can nab all-pink Starburst in jumbo-size bags to hoard and gorge on. But if you’re bummed because you love another flavor more, don’t just drown your sorrows in spicy Starburst—get to work on making the next big Starburst meme happen.

Header image courtesy of Starburst.

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