We first marveled at these miraculous Pink Kit Kats  when they were introduced in Japan and Korea earlier this year. But before you start to roll your eyes, let us tell you what makes this candy so amazing. This is far from pink-dyed chocolate or a women-only candy marketing ploy. This is a scientific and technological achievement that was ten years in the making! The color is totally natural. The chocolate is derived from ruby cacao beans native to the Ivory Coast, Brazil and Ecuador, which supposedly lends it a berry-like sourness. There are no artificial colors involved whatsoever.

While we have no idea if they live up to the hype, we couldn’t be a bit jealous that our global neighbors to the east got all the candy fun. Well, that might be starting to change. Nestle is finally beginning an international rollout of these rose-colored chocolate treats. According to the company’s latest Instagram post, they’re coming to Europe later this year.  In fact, the candy will launch in the UK on Monday, so be on the lookout for them at your local Tesco.

Alex Gonnella, marketing director for Nestlé’s UK confectionery business, had this to say, “After the extremely successful launch of KITKAT Chocolatory Sublime Ruby in Japan and South Korea, this is the first time the Ruby chocolate will be available in an iconic four-finger format and we are sure that the Ruby chocolate KITKAT will be a great hit in the UK.”

But what about the USA? When commenters inquired about the chances of the candy coming to America, Kit Kat responded, saying, “KitKat Ruby will be introduced to consumers across Europe and the Americas following its UK launch.”

We’re not sure if official Instagram comments count as gospel, but we are hoping a more formal announcement comes as confirmation. Hopefully we’ll catch a break soon!


Header image courtesy of Kit Kat.

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