Exciting news for candy lovers – M&M’s have just released three new flavors nationwide. However only one will be around for the long run. They’re letting consumers choose the winner by voting for their favorite. It’s the second ever “Flavor Vote” and it’s open until May 25, so get your online ballot in before then.

The three new varieties include Crunchy Raspberry, Crunchy Mint, and Crunchy Espresso. So regardless of who comes out on top, you can bet it will be crunchy! Beyond their specified flavors, these candies differ from standard M&M’s in several ways. First of all, they’re made with dark chocolate, which is definitely an upgrade. And secondly, they feature a crispy, rice center. (The mint one has a plain rice crisp, while the raspberry and espresso ones are mixed with cocoa.) Hence the crunchy texture.

The winner will be announced in August, at which point the remaining two flavors will disappear from stores, while the victor will stick around for another 18 months. Personally, we’re rooting for espresso, because they pack a serious coffee punch! Plus it has historical precedent. When M&M’s previously ran a similar competition in 2016, Coffee Nut beat out Honey Nut and Chili Nut. While a fairly obvious outcome, none of the candies were never marketed as “limited-edition.” While they’re likely being phased out for good, (they’re no longer listed on the official M&M website) you can still find them for sale on the internet (because pretty much everything is for sale on the internet).

Speaking of retired M&M’s, anyone remember the tan-colored ones (RIP)? It’s hard to believe an entire generation has come of age in world without them.  Those retired over twenty years ago in 1995, when in yet another voter-driven marketing stunt, blue M&M’s beat out pink and purple ones and remained in packages ever since.

Header image courtesy Mars.

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