Whole Foods is notorious for its high prices, so much so that many people call it “Whole Paycheck.” Looking for deals at Whole Foods may sometimes feel like a fool’s errand, but it is possible to get a week’s worth of groceries for way cheaper than expected. Let’s look at how you can do it.

Whole Foods charges way more money for premade items, but the ingredients themselves are cheap.

Zoodles, those slices of zucchini that look like noodles, cost about $6 a box when you buy them pre-made from Whole Foods. But did you know a spiralizer can cost you about the same price? You can buy zucchini for about $1 each (one zucchini is about one serving of zoodles) and spiralize your own.

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If you’re cooking for one, look at the bulk section.

You can get more than trail mix in the bulk aisle. If one box of pasta or bag of grains is too much, you can save money by just buying what you need for tonight’s dinner. You can also grind your own nut butters, which is great because almond butter can get pretty pricey.

Buying frozen instead of fresh veggies will save you time and money.

It would be great if everyone could buy fresh produce all the time, but did you know that vegetables lose their nutrients as they age? Getting a bag of mixed frozen vegetables can cost less than buying them individually, and there’s no risk of spoilage and money wasted.

Try to always buy 365 brand.

365 is Whole Foods’ generic brand, like Walmart’s Great Value or Target’s Archer Farms. These items will be at a lower price than other brands, and I have never eaten something that’s worse because it’s 365. There’s even a store that only stocks 365 products in cities across the country.

If you’re going to buy the premade buffet items, try not to take any of the accompanying sauces.

These items are priced by weight, so you’d essentially be paying more money for some extra tikka masala sauce.

Download the Whole Foods app.

The app has coupons for specific stores and preferences, so you can benefit from big savings. If you’re in the market for a new credit card, you can get an Amazon Rewards Visa Signature card that gives you three percent cash back from all Whole Foods purchases.

“Fake” meat like tofu and seitan can cost way less than real meat.

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If you like the taste or red meat isn’t your thing, you can save money by buying tofu, seitan, nuts, or beans for protein. Some faux meat items like the Impossible Burger even “bleed” like a real burger.

Ask for samples of items you’ve never tried.

Because there’s truly nothing worse than buying something new and hating it, ask a Whole Foods salesperson if you can try an item before you buy.

Keep your eyes on the prize!

Whole Foods has so many splurge items like $5 kombuchas, $10 cold-pressed juices, and crazy expensive chocolate bars. Try to focus on just the items you need.

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