Life may be a drag, but nearly every problem can be remedied, at least temporarily, by delicious food and drinks. For the “Rupaul’s Drag Race” season 10 queens, life is literally a drag that can be heightened by sips and bites, both nostalgic and satisfying, after a long and tiring gig. Since this year’s outspoken cast members are experts at serving fish (drag talk for looking ultra feminine) and spilling tea (sharing gossip), we thought it’d be fun to take these expressions literally and ask for their favorite fish dishes and tea flavors. The results: 10s, 10s, 10s across the board, henny. Salmon was an unsurprising favorite in this joint. And as for tea? Come through, antioxidant-rich and metabolism-boosting green.

For all 14 of the kitty girls’ colorful responses (including Miss Vanjie…Miss Vanjie…Miss Vanjie), scroll down to check them out!

(Warning: R-rated language ahead. Read at your own risk. “Rupaul’s Drag Race” airs Thursday nights on VH1 at 8/7C. ) 

Monét X Change


Favorite Fish: “Branzino. It was a bacon-encrusted branzino when I used to work at the Yale Club. That with cheese grits. Girl, let me tell you something. That year I gained like 23 pounds eating that shit every fucking Sunday. I swear, girl. So good.”
Favorite Tea: “I don’t drink tea. I like tequila tea.”

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo 

Favorite Fish: “I love sushi. I actually don’t eat meat. I’m pescatarian. And I’m fish when I serve drag. I eat fish, sushi all day, and we can go on a date.”
Favorite Tea: “I like peach tea. I also like green tea because it helps you use the bathroom and you stay skinny. So pro tip for these hos who are trying to lose a little weight when you go to Miami—where I’m from in Florida—and you want to look skinny, get you a green tea and use the ladies’ room.” 

Eureka O’Hara 

Favorite Fish: “My favorite fish is obviously country catfish. I want it deep-fried with a bone in it. I want to pick that shit out of my teeth.”
Favorite Tea: “I want the sweetest sweet tea you’ve ever had. I want you to get diabetes from that tea. You hear what I’m saying? I’m as country as a biscuit and we’re eating those on the side.”

Miz Cracker 

Favorite Fish: “I’m from Seattle: salmon. Sockeye [is my favorite] and you can prepare it in foil, in a bag, in the dishwasher and it makes it perfect. If you have a self-drying dishwasher, it makes it the perfect way…just cooked enough. You know, she likes it raw, but not when it comes to fish. That’s the best way to do it…just cooked enough.”
Favorite Tea: “Chamomile because, god dammit, she’s wired, she’s up all the time, and there’s only one way to relax and it’s Harney brand tea.”

Blair St. Clair 

Favorite Fish: “Anything sushi-related, but especially salmon because it’s thin, it’s pink, it’s soft, it’s sweet. It’s everything I am and more.”
Favorite Tea: “Definitely peppermint. Peppermint is known to calm your senses. It’s supposed to be really soothing, so I like to be very soothing, and sensual, and soft, and sweet.”

Yuhua Hamasaki

Favorite Fish: “My favorite fish dish is anything with sushi. I love sushi…I love the tuna in it, I love the salmon in it, I love the shrimp in it. I love all types of sushi.”
Favorite Tea: “Green tea because it doesn’t make me sleep too late.”

The Vixen

Favorite Fish: “I am a salmon girl. I crave it very randomly and it’s urgent. Grilled salmon with asparagus, stuffed mushrooms, and a little Alfredo on the side…that’s like a birthday dinner for me.
Favorite Tea: “I really like plain green tea. Honey, no sugar, just something that’s a little healthy. I sing, so tea is a big part of that.”

Kameron Michaels 

Favorite Fish: “Mahi mahi’s my favorite fish, for sure. [I prefer it] blackened and cajun.”
Favorite Tea: “My favorite tea flavor is green tea and honey. It’s healthy, it’s good for you.”

Dusty Ray Bottoms

Favorite Fish: “I make a mean salmon, but I bake it in honey. And it is so tender and—of course, it’s fucking salmon…it has to be tender—if it’s cooked right. That’s my favorite fish dish for sure. Maybe some walnuts on top of it.”
Favorite Tea: “I put two together: jasmine pearl and chamomile.”

Monique Heart

Favorite Fish: “I like pho and I like the seafood pho because it comes with fish, crabs, scallops, and a little calamari.”
Favorite Tea: “Hibiscus. It’s a raspberry-hibiscus loose leaf kind.”

Kalorie Karbdashian-Williams 

Favorite Fish: “My favorite fish dish would have to be from this little fish restaurant back in my hometown, it’s a cevicheria (Poki Poki). It tends to have ahi tuna and salmon. That’s probably my go-to, that’s my fishy meal.”
Favorite Tea: “I love jasmine tea. It’s so elegant, it feels expensive, so that’s what I like to drink.”

Mayhem Miller 

Favorite Fish: “I love deep-fried catfish. Oh, honey, she is a master chef in the kitchen. She’s not only an artist, but she’s also a cook.”
Favorite Tea: “I love chamomile…I drink that almost daily, but every so often I’ll have peach. And I don’t like iced tea, I like hot tea.”


Favorite Fish: “Honestly, a grilled or pan-seared salmon is the way to go.”
Favorite Tea: “I’m definitely a black chai girl.”

Asia O’Hara

Favorite Fish: “I would say coconut shrimp, but grilled tilapia is my second favorite. Let’s go with coconut shrimp. Coconut shrimp is my favorite because I don’t normally like coconut, but on shrimp it’s perfect.”
Favorite Tea: “Japanese black tea. I drink it a lot of times at night. It’s calming, it’s aromatic. I’m sure it has health benefits that I don’t even know about.”

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