Have you heard the great news? Radio host Taylor Strecker is back with a brand new show, the appropriately titled Taylor Strecker Show, which can be streamed live on weekdays from 8-10 a.m. ET and accessed on demand.

So what does this mean for you and us? Well, we are excited to announce the official return of Friday Food Finds! It’s here where we take on the super difficult (eye roll, we know) task of sampling some of the latest food offerings. From grocery store items to Instagrammable NYC fads, there is nothing we won’t eat, drink, and give entirely authentic and brutally honest opinions about.

Check out the show here and a round-up of this week’s products and feedback below. Happy snacking!

Bohana Popped Water Lily Seeds (Soulful Spice)


Okay, so these aren’t the most exciting things in the world (unless you’re at a street market in India, where they’re prepared with extra oil and are ridiculously addictive), but if you’re looking for a healthier alternative to popcorn that is said to lower inflammation and boost antioxidants, these may be the snacks for you. They sure beat cheese puffs, at least, and it’s pretty cool to think that these seeds are harvested from actual giant water lilies in Asia.

Cape Cod Waves Chips (40 Percent Reduced Fat, Sea Salt)

Cape Cod

When it comes to potato chips, Cape Cod gets it right. They always maintain a perfect ratio of crunch, grease, and salt, and these “healthier” varieties with ridges more than deliver in the “omg, give me a carb ASAP” category. Taylor made the brilliant recommendation to dunk these in a homemade French onion dip, so brb because we’re already grabbing a bowl and all of the necessary ingredients.

Chuao Potato Chip Milk Chocolate


Holy crap. As soon as the segment ended, this was the only thing we continued to eat and finish. There is nothing better than a good sweet and salty combo and these worth the temporary break in diet. Chuao, a Venezuelan chocolatier, prides itself on developing innovative flavor profiles, so we can’t wait to get our hands on something else.

My/Mo Cashew Milk Mochi Ice Cream (Strawberry)


It’s a well-known fact that mochi is effin’ delicious and these bundles of vegan goodness deserve a round of applause. Due to cashew milk’s creamy consistency, you don’t feel like you’re sacrificing the familiarity of dairy for a perfect summertime indulgence. And at only 100 calories per serving, it’s the perfect late-night treat that won’t make you cry into your pillow about not having abs. That’s a doughnut’s fault.

Zupa Veggie Shots


If you have an aversion to vegetables, you definitely won’t like these. While we appreciate the company’s mission to provide organic, soup-like juices, there’s just no getting around some of the strong flavors associated with kale and turmeric. That being said, health nuts will go crazy over these and we were big fans of the “Digestion” concoction that boasted vinegar, tomatoes, and habanero. Who doesn’t love a little spice to liven up a tedious work day?

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