Here’s some news about Oreos that, for once, doesn’t entail the launch of a crazy new flavor. Mondelēz, the multi-national snack conglomerate responsible for the cookies, has promised to use more sustainably grown and supplied cocoa. That’s a way better idea than putting pop rocks in the cream!

The ingredient will now come from farmers who are a part of the brand’s Cocoa Life program, an initiative that supports sustainable production methods, as well as the welfare of the farmers behind it.

Glenn Caton, president of Northern Europe at Mondelēz International, had this to say in a statement. “To bring the iconic Oreo brand under Cocoa Life is a special moment for us as we continue to expand the program and move closer to our target of empowering 200,000 farmers and reaching one million people in cocoa-growing communities by 2022. Through Cocoa Life, we want to become an accountable partner for our cocoa farmers, not just a buyer. Cocoa Life truly transforms communities by delivering real and measurable improvements for cocoa farmers.”

Oreo has promised that these changes will be implemented by the end of next month, just in time for Earth Day. Packaging will also be updated to make consumers aware of this initiative as well.

It’s an especially timely effort, as scientists have been warning of a possible chocolate shortage, given the high demand. In recent years, climate change has had a huge negative impact on production in the Ivory Coast and Ghana, where nearly half of the world’s chocolate supply is harvested.

While Oreos may not be the healthiest snack choice (they’re also not vegan, in case you were wondering), you can at least feel good about making a choice that supports sustainability efforts. And if the planet gets its act together, hopefully they’ll continue to be around for another century of sandwich cookie goodness!

Header image courtesy of Pao Laroid / Shutterstock.

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