I LOVE a good themed party, and I’m known for going hard. I love dressing top to bottom in themed clothing, but what I love even more is creating a menu so that even my snacks and drinks go along with the topic at hand. When it comes to hosting a brunch, did you know a flavor could be a theme? And with warmer weather fast approaching, what better than a nice, light, and summery one? I’m here to help you through hosting your own orange-themed brunch. Every single item on your menu—rom the mimosas to the main course—will be citrusy and absolutely delicious. Orange you glad?


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Okay, the obvious one here is the mimosa. I mean, what’s brunch without about 16 of them? Super easy to make, the mimosa is just one part champagne, one part orange juice (although, I wouldn’t judge if the ratio is a bit more heavy on the champagne). Add a little liquor at your own risk!

If you want a little more variety on your drink menu, however, I’ll share my personal brunch secret with you. I’ve made these mimosas a few times and they are always a huge hit! Just add a bit of heavy cream to a standard mimosa (until it’s a light orange shade), and you’ve got a cocktail that tastes JUST like a Creamsicle—only the best summer treat ever. If you’re worried that this may be a super heavy drink, rest-assured that I always find this is just as light and bubbly as a regular mimosa.

If you’re looking for a much stronger, much more citrusy drink, follow this Chowhound recipe for a pretty intense sangria (and by intense, I mean it’s WAY more than just wine). Drink this one carefully, and be sure to enjoy that orange flavor.

Finally, if alcohol isn’t really your thing, try this sweet and frothy take on a classic glass of orange juice.

Main Course

What is brunch without kickass food that makes you feel about 50 pounds heavier? Make sure you buy a ton of oranges, because you’re about to show this orange-themed brunch who’s boss.

I love when I go out to brunch and they bring out a billion mini muffins to start me off the right way. I mean, you really can’t go wrong with muffins. They’re easy to make, and they’re perfect for starting (or finishing) a top-notch brunch. And seriously, how good do these blackberry orange muffins sound? The first bite you take in an orange-themed brunch should be tart and sweet, so you really can’t go wrong here.

A staple breakfast food that I can’t get enough of is French toast. When I say I can’t get enough of it, I mean that I literally ate it today. With orange zest in the batter and orange slices on top, this challah French toast will be sure to fill your guests up and leave them seeing, well, orange.

If you’re feeling particularly fancy (and patient), might I suggest crepes? They’re light, delicious, and always a hit! And what goes better in a crepe than some fresh fruit? Try out these fresh and rich brown butter crepes with fruit and cheese. The orange in this dish comes in the form of a beurre blanc which, after a quick Google search, I can semi-confidently say is a kind of butter sauce. I know, why not just say butter sauce?

If you choose to just stick with scrambled eggs, you’re going to need some bread or toast on the side. One of my absolute favorite flavor combinations out there is orange and cranberry, so I’d be crazy to not include a recipe for this fresh cranberry-orange bread. I suggest toasting it to really get in that brunch spirit!


Whenever I host a brunch, dessert is always the most stressful part. I like to do something sweet that still goes with the breakfast theme, so I usually end up just making a giant cinnamon roll or a plain old pound cake and call it a day. But there are no oranges in a cinnamon roll, so I did some research to help you keep up your theme.

Remember when I said the cranberry-orange flavor combo is food’s gift to mankind? Use that to your advantage. Try this cranberry-orange shortbread with almond streusel. It’s the perfect way to polish off your meal. Keep this recipe in your back pocket too, because it’d be a really great holiday dessert.

Here’s a fancier way around making a simple pound cake and passing it off as a brunch dessert. This orange angel food cake is so light and fluffy that you won’t feel guilty about having a little slice after eating your weight in crepes and French toast. Plus, it’s literally a cake made from oranges. That’ll show your guests that you can see a themed brunch all the way through!

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