If you love Peeps so much that you wish you could drink them, we have some some good news for you. The folks at the Collective Brewing Project in Fort Worth, Texas have just concocted a beer made out of the marshmallow candies. And it’s perfect if you’re looking to add some extra pep to your Easter dinner.

The beer is cheekily titled “Peep This Collab” and is described as a sour ale, flavored with Peeps, vanilla, and butterfly pea flower, which lends the beverage a purple color. To make the drink even more gorgeous, edible glitter is added once the beer has fermented, just to add an extra sparkle. Isn’t shiny, purple beer what every Pinterest board needs this spring? The answer is yes, duh, obviously!

According to an interview with the Dallas Morning News’ Guide Live, Collective’s Head Brewer and Founder Ryan Deyo had this say about the origin of the new beer: “Several of us were just sitting around the brewery talking about how beer has become this super serious thing. I’ve been on a kick to assert beer should be a fun thing. We make a beer with ramen noodles, so Peeps isn’t really a stretch.”

Yes, they really made a beer with ramen noodles. If you ask us, Peeps is a major upgrade! Who wants a dorm room staple mixed with their alcohol? Hard pass.

Unfortunately, the beer will only be available in the regional area. The Collective Brewing Project has partnered with nearby bar Lone Star Taps and Caps to sell the ale. But we have a feeling something this trendy and adorable won’t stay local for long. Not even a state as big as Texas can contain the novel delight of a beer made with chick-shaped candy, right? Here’s to hoping it goes national soon.

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