It’s that time of the year again. As the Easter season is upon us, folks all over the United States are getting ready to fill their baskets with some of the sugariest candy around. Jelly beans might be a spring staple, but Americans have some very divided opinions over which flavors reign supreme. According to sales data from the past 10 years, as well as polls taken by over 12,000 Survey Monkey and Facebook users, has compiled a list of the most popular jelly been flavors in every state.

The top results might surprise you. Buttered popcorn was tops in 10 states, making the extremely polarizing flavor the most popular nationwide. The savory candy may have a strange taste, but hey, at least its not a pickle slushie! Black licorice (another gross flavor if you ask us) came in second place, as it takes the top spot in eight states. And cinnamon comes in third.

It’s pretty fascinating that none of the top three flavors are particularly sweet. You can check out the entire list below and see how your taste stacks up with the rest of the country:

Alabama – Watermelon
Alaska – Black Licorice
Arizona – Buttered Popcorn
Arkansas – Buttered Popcorn
California – Buttered Popcorn
Colorado – Black Licorice
Connecticut – Buttered Popcorn
Delaware – Cinnamon
Florida – Watermelon
Georgia – Buttered Popcorn
Hawaii – Watermelon
Idaho – Orange
Illinois – Chocolate
Indiana  Blueberry
Iowa – Cherry
Kansas – Cinnamon
Kentucky – Black Licorice
Louisiana – Pink Strawberry
Maine – Green Apple
Maryland – Orange
Massachusetts – Coconut
Michigan – Buttered Popcorn
Minnesota – Black Licorice
Mississippi – Green Apple
Missouri – Buttered Popcorn
Montana – Cotton Candy
Nebraska – Cherry
Nevada – Cinnamon
New Hampshire – Juicy Pear
New Jersey – Black Licorice
New Mexico – Cherry
New York – Buttered Popcorn
North Carolina – Black Licorice
North Dakota – Black Licorice
Ohio – Buttered Popcorn
Oklahoma – Green Apple
Oregon – Watermelon
Pennsylvania – Blueberry
Rhode Island – Blueberry
South Carolina – Cherry
South Dakota – Pink Strawberry
Tennessee – Black Licorice
Texas – Buttered Popcorn
Utah – Cherry
Vermont – Juicy Pear
Virginia – Cinnamon
Washington – Juicy Pear
West Virginia – Blueberry
Wisconsin – Watermelon
Wyoming – Cinnamon

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