Disney might be the most magical place on earth, however, when it comes to the park’s food, vegetarians are severely lacking in options (unless you enjoy settling for a hummus sandwich or want to make a meal out of churros, that is). But now one Disney property is getting a major culinary upgrade, one that will make even the most carnivorous among us drool.

Disney’s California Adventure is now offering a “No Meatball Sub,” which contains imitation meat courtesy of the Impossible Burger. Utilizing the latest in plant protein technology, the meat substitute literally “bleeds” when you cut into it. It’s an amazingly delicious feat and about as close as you can replicate to eating a dead animal, without any of the ethical dilemmas that may accompany it.

The commercial explosion of high-tech faux-meats continues, once previously seen as expensive, hard-to-find novelty items. You don’t get more mainstream than Mickey Mouse! Impossible Burgers are already sold at chains like Fatburgers and Wahlburgers, while their competitor Beyond Burgers can be found on menus at TGI Fridays.

Vegans, however, should steer clear of No Meatball Sub. It does contain egg and is also topped with cheese. So if your diet is one that avoids all animal products, you’ll have to miss out on this one. But at least you can still enjoy Dole Whip!

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The new sandwich will be available at the Paradise Garden Grill, but only for a limited time (the duration of the Food & Wine Festival at California Adventures, which lasts until April 12). Perhaps if it sells well, they will consider having it stick around a while longer. Us meatless Mickey Mouse fans sure hope so!

Update: The just-opened Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge offers plant-based kefta (as part of the Felucian Garden Spread), made with Impossible brand meatless meatballs, and there are several other park locations where you can find veggie options. When you’re visiting, you can use the Disney app to find food that meets your specific dietary needs and restrictions (download it for Disneyland or Walt Disney World).

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