Olive Garden has done it again. The casual dining chain, best known for its generous heaps of unlimited salad and breadsticks, wants you to stuff your face with even more doughy goodness. Their latest menu item is the Meatball Pizza Bowl…and it’s a doozy.

The hybrid food consists of a dense bread bowl filled with sauce, cheese, and 10 meatballs. Think of it like spaghetti and meatballs without the spaghetti, but with an inverted mountain of meaty pizza. Regardless of how you mentally conceive of it, it’s huge. And despite what the picture may suggest, the thing is a behemoth. According to spokesperson, it spans six to seven inches “depending oh how much the pizza dough spreads.”

This food mash-up will live on the lunch menu, alongside other culinary monstrosities such as Italian nachos, breadstick sandwiches, and fried lasagna.

But before you go hating on Olive Garden, just remember that this is one of the few chain restaurants millennials aren’t killing. In fact, Darden Restaurants, the parent company of OG, just reported record-high sales last year. They’ve garnered way fiercer brand loyalty than many of their competitors such as Applebee’s and TGI Fridays. One young couple even named their child after the restaurant, and not even because they were paid or dared to do so! That’s the power of all-you -can-eat breadsticks.

We’re guessing pizza bowls will only keep the youth’s undying love affair with Olive Garden going, because who doesn’t want to gorge on a Mount Vesuvius full of meatballs? But before you do, you may want to brush up on their surprisingly robust wine list. Once you’ve picked out a quality red, get ready to carbo-load!

Header image courtesy of Olive Garden.

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