Can Happy Meals be healthy meals? This is the question McDonald’s continues to grapple with. As recent menu changes indicate, the fast food chain is trying its best to rebrand their kids menu options as a healthier alternative than their competitors.

By June 2018, McDonald’s is pushing to make sure all Happy Meals contain less than 600 calories. Because of this effort, chocolate milk and cheeseburgers will be off the menu. (Cheese adds an additional 50 calories to their hamburgers, putting the meal over the recommended limit.)

Of course, if your kid really loves cheese and chocolate milk, you can ask for these items for no additional charge. They just won’t appear on the actual menu. Other noticeable changes include a smaller, kids-sized fries portion that will be introduced for the six-piece McNuggets meal. Bottled water will also be a featured beverage option.

This revamp comes after severe criticism from both parents and consumer advocate groups, who disapproved of Happy Meal’s paltry nutritional value. While McDonald’s may have come a long way from it’s supersize days, it leaves a lot to be desired in the health department, especially when its fun food comes with toys and is marketed to children. But at least it’s a start.

Supposedly these changes will cause reductions of 20 percent in calories, 50 percent in added sugars, 13 percent in saturated fat, and 17 percent in sodium. They also claim to be working on removing artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives. But we’re pretty skeptical of this move, considering this is the company that pioneered the molded meat blob that is the McRib.

Boosting their health image is a great PR move for the golden arches. Maybe they’ll get rid of their creepy clown mascot next? Aw, who are we kidding. With hair that great, Ronald isn’t going anywhere. Just don’t let him preside over your wedding.

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