If you find yourself craving metallics lately, you are not alone. All this talk of gold, silver, and bronze has us longing for some shimmer in our lives. Due to the fact that my short program is about two and a half minutes too short and concludes in a non-regulation “sit spin,” it’s unlikely I’ll be acquiring any bling atop an Olympic podium this year. Fortunately for the less athletically inclined among us, we can use the Winter Games as inspiration for a little impromptu kitchen re-accessorizing, with these 18 pieces for 2018 to bring the all the glimmer and glory to our most comfortable arena. Go for the gold (or silver, or bronze) individually, or mix and match for a shiny mosaic feel.


Your daily affirmation comes in the form of a gold-adorned kitchen to proclaim to the world that you know you’re number one. Top of the podium, always.

Gold Fruit Bowl


If you’re going for the gold, you’re going to need at least one thing that never needs to be put away in a closet or drawer somewhere. Show off a little: Use this hammered gold bowl as a table centerpiece for fruit, flowers, or a pile of gold coins to really drive the point home.

Glass Canisters with Gold Lids


These elegant canisters are all luxury meets utility, with just a subtle nod to your golden existence.

Gold Colander Set


From the canister to the colander, to make even the humblest macaroni taste like a million bucks.

Rose Gold Inlaid Cutting Board


Sometimes you just need a subtle reminder of your top dog status, like this subdued rose gold inlaid marble cutting board

Gold Serving Tray


…and sometimes you literally need it delivered to you on a golden tray, subtlety be damned.

Gold Tone Coffee Filter


Because true champions’ coffee must even dream of gold.


You’re no show-off, but your hard work left you no doubt of landing in the top three. You stuck to the classic moves and didn’t risk much, but executed your routine flawlessly.

Silver Spoon Rest


Shiny, functional, and exhibiting high artistic merit with its wavy design, this spoon holder gives a touch of everyday elegance to your counter or stovetop.

Silver Kitchen Towels


Sometimes it’s the little touches that separate the medalists from the rest of the pack, and these towels easily tie together all of the elements of your silver medal kitchen.

Silver Napkin Holder


You’ve been meaning to adult a little harder and buy actual napkins instead of rummaging for wadded up takeout napkins or paper towels with every meal, and this fleur-de-lis napkin holder might even inspire you to do so more than even Whitney Houston singing “One Moment in Time.”

Silver Table Runner


Proof positive of the adage “all that glitters is not gold.” Sometimes it’s ultra silver, like this low-key (not) sequined silver table runner for a playful, bedazzled vibe.

Silver Vase


Forget function, sometimes you just want to treat yourself to something lovely

Silver Kitchenaid Mixer


…and sometimes you really, really want to treat yourself to something functional.


The dark horse. The underdog. The breakout performance-of-a-lifetime that earns you a one-chance-in-a-million spot on the podium.

Bronze Sink Caddy


You are just the person who knows how to bring low-key glam to even the least glamorous of kitchen accessories, and why not? We’re going to bronze this thing up from bottom to top.

Bronze Utensil Holder


Keep all your spatulas and whisks at the ready with this countertop utensil holder, and you’ll have a quasi-microphone nearby everytime you feel a chorus of “Shiny” coming on.

Bronze Barware Set


“Mad Men” meets the Bronze Age with this tool kit to help set up your home bar, so you can shake yourself a martini with all the panache of Don Draper and the brute force of a Galician warrior.

Bronze Salt and Pepper Mill Set


There’s just something so old money about the word “burnished,” nevermind that these statuesque shakers kind of look like chess pieces.

Bronze Placemats


For some they’re “yuletide,” but for those of us who crave year-round luster they are just as appropriate to frame Tuesday toast as they are for Christmas brunch.

“Bronze” Cookware Set


Fun fact: Did you know that bronze is really copper with a little tin thrown in?

Header image courtesy of Amazon.

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