If you can’t afford a Caribbean vacation, maybe you should go to Applebee’s for the next best thing? (Who are we kidding? This is terrible advice.) But if you’re the kind of person who is desperate to beat the winter doldrums and also prone to following terrible advice, then yes, by all means, go to Applebee’s and take part in their latest dollar drink extravaganza.

For the entire month of February, the chain restaurant that millennials love to kill, will be offering their take on Bahama Mamas for only a dollar! The tropical beverage consists of “white rum and Applebee’s new, proprietary mix of pineapple, lime, and orange juices with hints of coconut and cherry.” The drink has been renamed the “Dollarmama” in honor of the promotion. So throw on an ironic Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses, bring that wad of singles you’ve been saving for less than savory purposes, and I’ll meet you at the nearest franchise. Because, yes, I too am prone to following my own terrible advice.

The Dollarmama is the latest in a long line of cheap-o cocktails to be offered at Applebee’s. Previous offerings include dollar Long Island iced teas sold last December and the legendary dollar margaritas (ah the notorious”Dollarita”) sold last October, the latter of which came under fire for being  weak and watery. But hey, it only costs a dollar and it’s Applebee’s, so who are we to complain? Some things aren’t meant to have standards.

But it turns out these stunt beverages do serve a greater purpose beyond gets us drunk without breaking the bank. They’re used as drivers to lure in customers, who in turn will spend loads on appetizers and entrees. At least that’s how the theory goes. It’s an especially attractive offer to younger eaters who are less likely to eat out at mid-level chain restaurants like Applebee’s in the first place. But hey, if falling sales will get us dollar drinks, we welcome the trend!

Header image courtesy of Applebee's.

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