It might only be February, but I doubt we’ll see a more hilarious photo all year. Yes, the above image is a real life car stuffed to the gills with oranges. And yes, we’re not sure how or why this happened, but for the sake of absurdity, we’re glad it did.

Apparently police in Seville, Spain encountered the scene after pulling over two cars in a short chase. Police were initially suspicious because the vehicles were traveling at a super close and unsafe distance near each other, but once the cops caught up, they got wind of the citrus bounty that spilled forth. Nothing to see here, officer. Nothing at all.

But wait, there’s more!

Emergencias Sevilla

While the drivers claimed that they were “coming from very far away and had been stopping and collecting oranges along the way,” police later learned the oranges were stolen from incoming shipments. Five people were charged with the theft —a couple, their adult son, and two brothers. Because fruit robbery is a family affair.

The arrests, however, seem like an unsatisfactory resolution. We still have so many questions. Just what were they planning on doing with all that fruit? Maybe they were going to make 800 tons of marmalade in honor of the recent release of “Paddington 2”? That’s the only legit idea I can come up with, because no one is immune to that Peruvian-British bear’s charms. Even criminals. Especially criminals.

And what will become of all those loose oranges? Will they be left rolling around the Spanish countryside? Maybe they’ll take a full-on European vacation and start an Instagram feed documenting their travels? Not a bad fate, if you ask us. There’s bound to be a children’s book written with this premise sometime soon. And we’ll obviously be the first to read it.

Header image courtesy of Emergencias Sevilla.

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