One Australian eatery has taken eye-catching cocktails to a whole other level. Faros Tapas, a new restaurant in Australia’s Museum of Old and New Art, serves a black margarita with a rather unusual garnish: a literal eyeball. Now you can watch your drink while it watches you back! We’re guessing this is what the Addams family drinks during happy hour (Or is it sad hour? Maybe it’s spooky hour?).

The restaurant’s website claims the eye’s from bulls, though one restaurant critic claimed he was told they were from pigs. But let’s not get bogged down in this minutia. All that matters is that if you order the beverage, you’re drinking something with part of a face in it, regardless of what part of the farm it came from.

Supposedly the restaurant’s wait staff is instructed to tell patrons to drink the margarita as quickly as possible, so as to not let the frozen eye melt into the beverage. You wouldn’t want the taste of an animal’s visual receptor to contaminate an otherwise normal cocktail, right?

But beyond the freaky garnish, the margarita actually sounds pretty delicious. It’s made with tequila, lime, mezcal, and oh so trendy charcoal powder, which lends to its dark color. There’s also black salt on rim, a subtle complement to the eye inside. So goth.

The black margarita is also only part of the restaurant’s overall artsy and adventurous vibe. Customers literally have to sign a waiver and then, as one restaurant critic put it,  lie “on a bed, in an enclosed metal sphere, for about 15 minutes” while being accosted with flashing lights. The whole concept sounds like a weird, post-modern experience that seems a lot deeper than it is. I mean this is a restaurant in an art museum, so we shouldn’t expect any less.

Header image courtesy of the Museum of Old and New Art,.

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