Women can do anything! And yes, that includes being Colonel Sanders. KFC just announced that country singer Reba McEntire is the next in line to play their old-timey mascot, marking the first time a woman has taken on the role.

While they ads have already premiered online, the commercials are set to air on television as of January 28. In the spot, McEntire, who’s all decked out in the trademark white suit, wig and mustache,  shows off her twangy chops.

“Absolutely nothing’s changed,” she sings. “Oh, please ignore any likeness to famous country singers. I’m definitely not a woman. Oh wait there’s one thing that’s new about me, it’s my Smoky Mountain BBQ.” You can check it out below:

She follows a long line of actors and comedians who’ve taken on the role. Everyone from Darrell Hammond, Norm MacDonald, Rob Lowe, and Billy Zane have suited up as the colonel. But Reba adds an androgynous twist that’s extra charming and meta, especially in an age where discussions about gender roles is more socially apt than ever.

KFC claims the current social and political climate didn’t play into the their decision, but it’s still a savvy move for the company, who swaps out colonel Sanders’ portrayers more rapidly than Kardashians go through boyfriends. For some perspective, McEntire is the fourth Sanders’ actor in the last ten months!

According to KFC Chief Marketing Officer Andrea Zahumensky, “We picked Reba McEntire because she is a perfect fit for KFC and Smoky Mountain BBQ. She embodies the qualities of the colonel with her showmanship and entrepreneurial spirit. We love to find people who are really iconic…Also, someone who really represents our product. She is definitely sweet. She has that Southern charm.”

McEntire’s commercials are slated to run until April. After which, we hope another hopefully unpredictable choice will take her place hawking fried chicken.

Header image courtesy of KFC.

Jessica is a former Associate Editor at Chowhound. Follow her on Twitter @volume_knob for updates on snacks and cats.
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