The Super Bowl. Whether you like it or not, you’ll probably be watching. If not for the football, then for the commercials. Or maybe the halftime show (ugh, Justin Timberlake, really?) Or maybe for the food. Yes, definitely for the food. You’re bound to be surrounded by bountiful spreads of wings and dips and pizza for miles. But you don’t need a stadium made of sandwiches or a watermelon sculpted like helmet to enjoy the big game.

What if there are other food options and what if they are right there in the name? I’m talking, of course ,about soup. Superb soup, served in bowls! Yes the wordplay is corny, but these recipes definitely are not, unless you actually want to add corn to them—then go ahead, why not?!

If you have a vested interest in the game, you may want to go with these team-themed options. And no I’m not talking about adding eagles or patriots to your broth. (Please don’t eat either!) If you’re rooting for the Patriots, go with a nice New England clam chowder. Our chowder recipe takes you through the process of making the creamy, seafood-laden soup. And don’t forget this pro-tip: When prepping the vegetables for the soup, save all the peelings and scraps (except the potato skins) to steam with the clams.

If the Philadelphia Eagles are your team of choice, we recommend going with a cheesesteak soup. Yes, such a wondrous thing exists! This recipe is a beefier take on French onion soup. Throw in peppers and onions and top with tons of cheddar and provolone and you can’t lose, even if the team you’re rooting for does!

Spend With Pennies

But what if you don’t care one way or another who scores the winning touchdown? In that case, use the one beverage that’s bound to be overflowing the day of the Super Bowl as the key ingredient in your soup—beer. Grab a bottle or two and add some extra flavor to the mix. This German beer cheese soup can be made in 30 minutes. Use ale for a full-bodied taste or Pilsner or wheat beer if you want something a little subtler. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a gooey bowl of beer and cheese. If you’re looking for a heartier option, go with the Oktoberfest potato, bacon and beer soup. It’s basically loaded baked potato stew!

My Favorite Things

But what do you serve any of these delicious choices in? You could go with these lame football-shaped bowls. But why use plastic bowls when you could use bread bowls?! Low-carb diets be damned, bread bowls are the ideal way to eat any soup or stew. Their crusty exteriors add some well-needed crunch and their doughy insides sop up every last drop of broth. If you’re especially handy, bake oblong rolls to get the football shape effect. You can also use them to hold dips, chilis, and other snacks. Because no matter what the occasion, you can never have enough bread.

Rhodes Bread

Header image courtesy of The Wanderlust Kitchen.

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