When a beloved culinary institution burned down, residents of Montgomery, Ala. gathered en masse to say goodbye to a major loss in the community. Alas, the neighborhood Taco Bell was gone and nothing could ever replace their main source for faux-Mexican, midnight snack goodness. Where else are they supposed to get their Cheesy Gordita Crunch Wrap fix now? The saddest part of all is they’ll never see the upcoming launch of nacho fries!

It may have started as a Facebook joke, but over 100 people show up for a makeshift vigil amongst the charred remains of restaurant. Attendees were invited to “stand together in the loss of our beloved Taco Bell.” And that they did. Mourners lit candles and reminisced over their favorite fast food institution. There was even an interpretive dance tribute and a ceremonial taco toss.

While no one was injured, the cause of the fire is currently unknown and under investigation. The owners do plan on rebuilding and reopening but that could take a while. In the meantime residents will have to make do with the local Arby’s and Waffle House. But not without throwing some shade first.

“Waffle House is open, but if you really want to get full, you’ve got to have $10. Sometimes you don’t have that,” recent University of Alabama graduate Ashley Nicole Portis said in an interview with the AP. “Sometimes they’re out of waffles. Taco Bell, they’re never out of tortillas.”

You can’t argue with that.

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