Super Bowl party food, including chips and guac and beer
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You’ve surely heard the expression “you are what you eat,” but that is particularly true when it comes to the biggest sporting event of the year. What you put on your plate can probably say a lot about your personality (or the traits of the other people at the party you’re attending).

First, pick your favorite Super Bowl food from Cheap Beer, Vegetarian Chili, Potato Skins, Six-Foot Hero, Buffalo Wings, Guacamole, and Pizza. Then, scroll down to read about some serious and not-so-serious facts about you.

Cheap Beer

cheers or toasting with beer bottles


If what you most look forward to about the big game is cracking open a brewski from a brand that you loved in college, then you are the dreaded person that regularly comments on old Facebook photos from freshman year, bringing them back to the top of all your friends’ feeds. You have no less than four tees with your alma mater’s name plastered across the front and you’re absolutely the life of the party when your crew goes back for reunion events.

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Vegetarian Chili

vegetarian chili


If you’re the person that brings along a healthier twist on a classic, you’ll have to admit that you’re that guy who can’t stop talking about how CrossFit changed your life. Sure, your friends might roll their eyes when you talk about what the latest “new kale” is, but you’re the gym buddy that everyone wants in their corner when they’re trying to snap into shape.

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Potato Skins

baked potato skins with sour cream, cheese, and bacon


Are potato skins your weakness? Then you believe that Sundays are a sacred day…to be spent at your favorite neighborhood bar. At your preferred watering hole, you’ve got “your table”, are on a first name basis with all the waitstaff, and know exactly how long it takes to get from your place to the pub without missing a single second of the game. Your life is like “Cheers,” but with a more up-to-date wardrobe and without the live studio audience.

Six-Foot Hero

Italian sub sandwich with artichokes and salami


Is a sandwich taller than you your jam? Then you’re used to feeding a crowd because you’re the parent of your friend group (or you’re actually a parent). You’re the person who your pals rely on to bail them out of trouble (or, ahem, the drunk tank that one time). You would be mad about all the time you’ve had to play caretaker if you didn’t have hilarious incriminating photos on your phone.

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Buffalo Wings

buffalo chicken wings with celery, carrots, and blue cheese dip


If buffalo wings are your thing, then you’re the person who actually cares about the action on the field. You’re here to watch every flag and pass, not to chit-chat, and are running the pool at work and at the party. You’re happy to answer questions about how football actually works—just not during the game.

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tortilla chips and guacamole


Hovering near the guac and chips like your life depends on it? Then it’s because you’re not too worried about catching every second of the game. All that matters are the commercials, right? (And the halftime performance du jour, of course.)


whole wheat Margherita pizza


If ‘za has your heart, then you’re not here to try to reinvent the wheel. You’re going to order from the spot that your parents ordered from growing up and talk about how great your hometown team is all night—even if they were eliminated way earlier in the season. Your pals would get irritated with you if they didn’t love you so much for being loyal.

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