It’s that time of year again when we commit to a fresh batch of resolutions that are essentially commitments to live healthier, happier, more fulfilling lives. It’s hard to say in this rosy time of the year if we actually will run the marathon, learn a new language, or get out of debt but there is one simple thing we can do each day that will help strengthen and invigorate our bodies: drink a glass of fortifying juice that will detox our system, infusing our bodies and our minds with energy and vitality.

Juice detoxing might seem like a modern phenomenon but the principles of consuming a beverage to cleanse the body and rid it of toxins is actually an ancient one. Recipes for internal cleansing dating back nearly 5,000 years were discovered in China where other remedies such as cupping and colon cleanses were also a popular way to recharge the body.

The Greek word toxon means arrow and the term toxicon was the poison in which the arrow was dipped. This is where the word toxin is derived and in the ancient Greek world, doctors would prescribe juice remedies as a way to remove the toxicon from the body. These juices were considered medicinal prescriptions, aligning with the philosophy that food is medicine if it is consumed properly.

In Thailand, juices formulated to cleanse the body of its toxins have long been incorporated into the lives of ancient and contemporary Thais as a way to achieve spiritual enlightenment and awakening.

Drinking juice as a means to cleanse our bodies is an easy way to illuminate the mind and recharge our bodies. It doesn’t have to mean adhering to a strict detoxing regimen in which nothing but juice is consumed. Starting your day with a detoxifying juice or perking your mind and body up with juice during the afternoon slump that affects so many of us, is a smart way to incorporate a healthful habit into your life that will help you stick to your healthy habit resolution for 2018.

Here are six recipes that are fortifying, detoxifying, and most importantly, flavorful.

Green Juice  

Show Me the Yummy

With just six ingredients, this vibrant green juice recipe will send you on your way into a more energetic day. The ginger adds a bit of fire while the apple contributes a hint of sweetness. Kale, celery, and cucumber are natural detoxifiers as is the lemon which brightens it all up. Get the recipe

Beet Juice   

Wonky Wonderful

The vibrant red-violet color alone is enough to entice even the most juice-averse to take a sip but it’s the flavor that will keep them drinking. Apples sweeten the recipe as limes and ginger do the major detoxing work. Beets are beneficial in so many ways. They are loaded with fiber and vitamin C and also packed with potassium, an essential mineral for healthy muscle and nerve function along with manganese which bolsters kidney, liver, bone, and pancreatic health. Get the recipe

Pineapple, Cayenne Detox Juice

Salad Days

If you prefer a little fire in your detox juice, this is the recipe for you. Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin which is thought to boost metabolism, lower blood pressure, alleviate hunger pains, and aid in digestive health. When it’s combined with pineapple juice which contributes to eye health, strong bones, and contains anti-inflammatory properties, this recipe is a winner. Get the recipe

Cilantro Detox Juice

Elena’s Pantry

Cilantro isn’t for everyone but for those who appreciate its flavor and vibrant color, this is the juice recipe for you. Cilantro is a nutritional workhorse. It flushes the body of heavy metals, prevents urinary tract infections, lowers blood sugar levels, and is thought to improve sleep and decrease anxiety. With just five easy to source ingredients including cucumber, lemon, ginger, and lime which all have detoxifying strengths of their own, this is a powerhouse juice that tastes as good as it looks. Get the recipe

Chia Seed Juice   

A Happy Food Dance

Chia seeds have long been appreciated for the texture they add to recipes but they are also valued for their powerful nutritional benefits. Chia seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids which raise the level of HDL cholesterol (or “good” cholesterol) in our bodies. They are also high in fiber, calcium, antioxidants, and iron. This recipe calls for the juice of your choice. To keep it as healthy as possible, use a store-bought juice that is free of added sugars or juice one of your own. Get the recipe

Carrot Juice

Cultured Palate

Many of us were told when we were kids to eat our carrots in order to improve our eyesights. Our parents were onto something because carrots are high in vitamin A which is essential in the prevention of macular degeneration and cataracts. Carrots are also a good source of antioxidants which are thought to decrease the risk of certain kinds of cancer, improve cardiovascular health, and decrease the risk of stroke. This recipe celebrates the carrot in all its vibrant orange glory and also includes celery, lemon, ginger, and apples for even more nutrition and energizing flavor. Get the recipe.

Header image courtesy of Elena's Pantry.

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