At Ceol in Cobble Hill, they lay out a serious Irish breakfast on weekends. It’s two eggs, Irish slab bacon, two link sausages, black pudding (blood sausage), white pudding (pork-oatmeal sausage), grilled tomato, fried potatoes, and soda bread with house-made jam, all for $11. “Everything was very good and fresh,” reports prunefeet, whose only complaint is that Ceol’s Irish breakfast deal, unlike many others, doesn’t include a drink.

Coffee is nothing special and surprisingly expensive (“just like Ireland, actually,” observes IrinaD). But the gracious staff encourages lingering–as does the cozy setting, especially when they stoke up the fireplace.

Ceol [Cobble Hill]
191 Smith St., at Warren, Brooklyn

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Irish breakfast at that place on Smith St.

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