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It’s finally time for holiday baking, but there are so many choices! If you’re stuck trying to figure out which holiday cookie recipe to try out, fear not. Check out our (clearly scientific and data-backed) personality-based recommendations for your favorite cookie and you’ll surely be on the right track for a sweet treat.

Traditionalist: Sugar Cookies


If you’re risk-averse and want to be a crowd-pleaser, you should go with the most classic holiday cookie of all time: the sugar cookie. Check out our recipe that can easily be adapted to make a larger batch, and experiment with different shaped cookie cutters and colored icing. You can make this dough in advance and freeze if for up to a month. Get our Sugar Cookie recipe.

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The ESFP: Chocolate Chip Cookies


This Myers-Briggs classification (Extrovert, Sensing, Feeling, Perception) includes celebrities such as Katy Perry, Elvis Presley, Adele, and Jamie Oliver—and what do these people have in common? ESFP’s love the spotlight and this iconic and attention-loving chocolate chip cookie is the perfect match. Check out this easy chocolate chip cookie recipe that will be the star of the show.

Social Justice Warrior: Gingerbread People


Gingerbread men? That’s so heteronormative. Spend this holiday season making a batch of gingerbread people or flip the cookie cutter around and make a festive reindeer face with antlers and leave the whole gender binary in the dust. This dough is packed full of spices and features a full cup of molasses for extra flavor. Get our Gingerbread Cookie recipe.

Loyalist: Peanut Butter and Chocolate


There is no truer love (or combination) than that of peanut butter and chocolate, and if you’re known for your loyalty than this is a great pick. These peanut butter and chocolate cookies are filled with a delicate ganache and make a great holiday gift! Get our Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies recipe.

Optimist: Rainbow Cookies

Italian rainbow cookie recipe

Anna Gass

The perfect pick for a baker that sees every glass as half full? These rainbow Christmas cookies are as colorful as they are delicious! They make a great holiday party gift to bring along and you can slice them in any size that you wish. Get the recipe.

Trendsetter: Macarons


These French cookies are the right choice for any fashionista or Parisian-inspired glamour girl. Try making our delicate macarons with pomegranate ganache and edible gold leaf for the most beautiful holiday treat.

Rebel: Christmas Wreaths

If you’re sick of the holiday fuss and want to branch out and try something different, these Christmas wreath cookies are incredibly simple and can be made in an hour or less. Use corn flakes or rice krispies and garnish with Twizzler’s pull-and- peels for a classic holiday look. Get the recipe.

Midwest Maven: Snickerdoodles


You can take the girl out of the Midwest, but you can’t take the Midwest out of the girl…these snickerdoodles are a favorite of every PTA mom and these buttery cookies sell out instantly at bake sales for a reason: they’re addictive and delicious. Use holiday cookie cutters and make extra to give away to your neighbors. Get our Snickerdoodle recipe.

Daredevil: Double Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

When you’ve got nothing to lose and you’re living on the edge, these meta, cookie-studded double chocolate chip cookies throw caution to the wind. They are packed not only with melty chocolate chips but studded with crushed Trader Joe’s peppermint sandwich cookies too. Get the Double Chocolate Peppermint Cookie recipe.

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