While the FDA is reportedly scrambling to make nutritional information more readily available in the new year, we were left researching calorie counts on our own devices. According to Google, people were scrambling to find out just how bad the trendy fast food they gobbled down really was. (The short answer: pretty bad!)

Based on their Year in Search results, the number one most item searched in 2017, on the basis of calorie counts, was Starbucks’ short-lived Unicorn Frappuccino. The neon, coffee-less drink weighed in with 410 calories.

But the much-maligned, limited edition beverage wasn’t the only fad item in the top 10. Zima, the clear, carbonated, alcoholic drink that swept the ’90s by storm was rereleased this year after being off the market for nearly a decade and there were clearly some thirsty consumers eager to look up the caloric price of nostalgia (It’s 181 calories for those of you Gen Xers playing along at home.).

The rest of data is an especially illuminating look at the eclectic and guilt-ridden information that helped us make some of our best and worst food decisions in 2017 . You can see the entire top 10 below:

  1. Unicorn Frappuccino calories: 410
  2. Grand Mac calories: 860
  3. Naked Chicken Chalupa calories: 440
  4. Mac Jr. calories: 460
  5. Cascara Latte calories: 240
  6. Triple Double Crunchwrap calories: 700
  7. Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato calories: 210
  8. Poke bowl calories
  9. Zima calories: 181
  10. McDonalds ice cream cone calories: 230

Of course there are usual culprits from Taco Bell and McDonald’s, (shout outs to Grand Macs and chicken Chalupas!) but the most zeitgeist-y result has to be poke bowls. The Hawaiian dish took over the mainstream in 2017, as the raw fish salads finally gave sushi a run for its money. It’s by far the most nutritious outlier on the list and perhaps a harbinger for a healthy 2018 to come? Nah, let’s stick to Triple Double Crunchwraps instead.

Header image courtesy of Starbucks.

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